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best money class ever scholarship
If you’re experiencing a life change, like buying a home, newly married, starting a family, you lost your job, are going through a nasty divorce, or facing an expensive health crisis, then I believe from the bottom of my heart with a little education and a solid plan you can turn things around. Best Money Class Ever can help!
With the Best Money Class Ever scholarship program one lucky person will win enrollment and get a life-changing financial education. 
Best Money Class Ever, is a four week live and virtual personal finance class. Winner will learn a step-by-step plan to get out of debt, invest, save, and buy a home or car. If you’ve been meaning to get your finances in order, now is the time and this is the best place to start.

Enter to Win the Best Money Class Ever Scholarship

I paid off 35K and saved 100k by age 26 earning only the median household income. If I can pay off debt and build savings at a young age, anyone can with a little education and a solid plan!

Everyone deserves a financial education!


How to Enter to Win Enrollment:
-Tag a friend in the comments
-Each tag counts as an entry to the scholarship

Here’s what the winner will learn with Best Money Class Ever:


-A step-by-step plan to get out of debt in 36 months or less
-How to start investing (confidently!)
-A plan and roadmap with money to get focused and organized with money
-Home and Car Buying 101

How Best Money Class Ever Works:
-Class starts on April 6th
-View live 7-9 p.m. central
-Live money Q&A
-Class recordings to binge watch whenever
-Four lessons and downloadable workbooks
-Financial (day) Planner

To enter, tag a friend in the comments now😁

When you tag friends in the comments:
A). It means the world to me
B.) You’re hooking up your friends to learn some personal finance knowledge bombs!

Instagram Rules: this is in no way sponsored or administered with Instagram. Winner must be 21 or older. Deadline to enter is Feb. 18th at midnight. Winner will be chosen at random and announced on Feb. 19th.

*Winner will be someone who hasn’t attended Best Money Class Ever or money coaching yet.

Enter to win the Best Money Class Ever Scholarship now! Your future-self will thank you.


P.S. If you haven’t enrolled in Best Money Class Ever or money coaching yet, you’re eligible to win! Click here to enter to win enrollment.

Carly Best Money Class Ever

Hi! I'm Carly

Here you’ll learn how to pay off debt, invest (confidently!), and stress less about money!

I’m a Finance grad and creator of Best Money Class Ever, a 4-week live virtual personal finance class. My specialty is helping people get out of debt ASAP!

kim best money class ever

Kim paid off $45k in 28 months

Loren and Bryce best money class ever

Loren and Bryce tripled their net worth in two years.

Jessica and Matthias best money class ever

Jessica and Matthias paid off $61k in 20 months

Join me LIVE!  

Best Money Class Ever.

Starts October 6th!

You can pay off debt and build savings too! All you need is an education and a solid plan.

Enroll now and bring a friend for free!

“I really enjoyed the enthusiasm and the way Best Money Class Ever helped me acquire a mindset to focus on money. Having a mentor and a process around something as important as money is really critical. Thank you for the guidance. I like the format and the presentations are very helpful.” Alex

“I enrolled to gain confidence, remove anxiety around money, and get a handle of being debt free and begin saving for life purchases.” Charlotte

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