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Check out the 2021 Financial (day) Planner

2021 Financial (day) Planner

Do you have financial resolutions for 2021? If you want to pay off debt, build savings, or stress less about money, then check out the 2021 Financial (day) Planner. It’s a day planner and financial plan in one. It’s the ultimate money organizer. It puts a dollar sign to your to-do list. 

Day planners help you stay organized with events like appointments, birthdays, or life to-do’s.  Financial plans help you to reach goals like investing, saving for a rainy day, getting out of debt, and buying a home. The Financial (day) Planner is the only spreadsheet and budget you’ll need to get the results you want with money in 2021. 

Here’s a sneak peak of what’s inside the 2021 Financial (day) Planner.  

Financial (day) Planner
Get your own Financial (day) Planner, when you enroll in Best Money Class Ever, my signature 4-week, virtual personal finance class. Class and coaching will be held live Wednesday nights starting January 6th. You can view class live or watch the recording on your time frame. Your Financial (day) Planner is something you can use year-round to stay focused and organized with your life + money. Did you hear, you can bring a friend for free?! YEP. Talk about having an accountability.

Check Out What’s Inside Your Financial (day) Planner

Your Balance Sheet
Financial (day) Planner Balance Sheet
Get a snapshot or picture of exactly where you stand with money with your Balance Sheet! Step out of denial and see the total value of your assets, liabilities, and personal net worth.

Your Statement of Cash Flow
Financial (day) Planner Statement of Cash Flow
Where did your money go!? Your Statement of Cash Flow will show your cash inflows and outflows in a month. You’ll learn a new system to categorize your expenses to get #organized!

Your Monthly Income Statement
Financial (day) Planner Income Statment
Manage your money like a boss with your Income Statement. Expense tracking apps analyze your spending, after you’ve made a purchase. With your Monthly Income Statement you can project your income and expenses for the year. 

It’s perfect if you want to get out of the “every-month- expenses-just-pop-up” cycle and get rid of sticker shock for variable expenses. You’ll have Income Statements for each month grouped together by quarter:

Q1 (January, February, and March)
Financial (day) Planner Q2
Q2 (April, May, and June)
Financial (day) Planner Q2

Q3 (July, August, and September)

Financial (day) Planner Q4

Q4 (October, November, and December)

Financial (day) Planner Q3
Your Debt Calculator
Financial (day) Planner Debt Calculator

Want to see exactly when you can be debt-free? Find out what it takes to get out of debt within 36 months or less with this a-mazing debt calculator.

Your Finance Plan
The Finance Plan
If you don’t know where to start with money, The Finance Plan is your step 1, 2, 3, and 4 with money. It’s the roadmap you’ve been looking for to get out of debt, invest, build savings, and buy a home or car.

Your Investing Calculator
Investing Calculator
Find out how your money can work for you with this investing calculator. You can see the miracle of compound interest (it’s like a magical unicorn!) and a projection of how your money will grow. Have a strong and secure financial future, starting now!

Get excited, Best Money Class Ever and money coaching come with all these lifesaving tools in your Financial (day) Planner!

Here’s the Best Money Class Ever + Money Coaching Details:
  • Wednesday Nights Starting January 6th
  • 7-9pm Central (live virtually or watch recording when you want!)
  • Private 1:1 coaching session is the last week of January*
With money coaching you’ll get email support for the month with help from me to fill in your 2021 Financial (day) Planner. If you want financial freedom and to stress less about money, then this is for you! Space is limited so I can give each person tons of help! Don’t wait, coaching won’t start again until April!

Let’s start the New Year off right and make some sweet money moves!
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Here you’ll learn how to pay off debt, invest (confidently!), and stress less about money!

I’m a Finance grad and creator of Best Money Class Ever, a 4-week live virtual personal finance class.  I paid off $35,000 of debt and saved $100,000 by age 26. You can pay off debt and build savings too!

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