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Video of My DIY RV Closet!!

DIY RV Closet

There was NO CLOSET in my RV. A girls gotta have a place to hang her clothes, right?! rolled up my sleeves and made a DIY closet for my RV from scratch. Here’s how I did it! The video’s at the end after my before pics:)

Previously the RV had a queen size bed and bunk beds. I didn’t have a use for the bunk beds, so I demolished them! Here’s how I had my first RV demo day to make room for a closet.

Why I’m doing a video of my DIY RV closet

Right now, with the Coronavirus there’s fear and destruction. All the fun spring events are canceled (no SXSW, rodeo, St. Paddy’s, and kite festival). Your life is on hold and plans are destroyed.

The Coronavirus is a lot like renovations with demolitions. We want the final Pinterest perfect newly updated home. That updated home comes alongside destruction. Your home would be stripped to the core and destroyed.

Destruction eventually ends and leads to unforeseen, unimaginable beauty.

Good will conquer evil. Diseases will be cured in time. Time stated that the coronavirus outbreak should bring out the best in humanity.

Or as Matthew Mc Matthew McConaughey shared in this heart-felt video, “There is a green light on the other side of this red light that we’re in right now. I believe that green light is gonna be built upon the values that we can enact right now- values of fairness, kindness, accountability, resilience, respect, and courage.”  

Alright alright alright, onward to my DIY RV closet!

First check out how I decided to live in an RV full-time, and my RV life expectations versus reality, if you missed those posts!  

RV DIY closet before pictures

There wasn’t a closet! The space had a bunk bed that I knew I was never going to use. This is what the bunk bed looked like (the mattresses are missing in the photo)!

RV DIY Closet

Piece by piece I unscrewed and tore down the panel and frame for the bunk bed. You can see here the framing. The bottom bunk had a reading light that I needed to remove. Lastly with removing the bunk bed I had to get a hand saw to remove one panel and frame. This shows how the walls initially were off-white with speckles.

Before building my closet, I painted the entire RV white and my kitchen cabinets light gray. Here’s the space that previously had the bunkbeds painted white for me to build the closet. The dimensions for the closet are 30 inches wide, by 78 inches high, and a depth of 19 inches.

In the future, I’ll transform the remaining space to a vanity with a mirror.

Supplies I used to build a DIY RV closet from scratch:

Supplies I used to build a DIY RV closet from scratch:

  • Two hanging rods from Ikea
  • White beadboard
  • White pegboard
  • Wooden frame
  • Molding
  • Wood glue
  • Four two-inch hinges
  • Two cabinet knobs
  • Two wicker baskets
  • Drawer hardware
  • Laundry basket
DIY RV Closet

Watch the video of my DIY RV Closet and let me know what you think! Do you have any renovation tips?  What projects are you tackling with the quarantine? Would you like to see more videos of my RV DIY projects?

P.S. Stay healthy. Be smart. Let’s continue to connect. Now more than ever before we know how important community really is.

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