Easy Gifts for Under $10

10 Easy Gifts for Under $10

Need to buy a last-minute gift that’s low-cost? Here are ten easy gifts for under $10 that won’t disappoint and be your lifesaver.

Here are ten easy gifts for under $10

1. Picture frame with a printed picture

Find a plethora of frames well under ten bucks and then print out your favorite photo for about a quarter! A framed photo is super special.

2. Bottle of wine

Specs gives a 5% discount for cash purchases and they have 2,671 bottles of wines to choose from that are all under $10.

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3. Coffee mug and coffee

This is the perfect gift for your coffee lover friend. Find a cute mug somewhere like Ross, and buy coffee beans from a grocery store to go with it.

4. Elf

Elf Cosmetics offers affordable beauty products. Most everything and anything a girl would need is priced at $1-$6 a pop. Get eye shadow, blush, foundation, skin care, brushes, and more.

5. Smell good stuff

Gift something that smells good. This can be candles, lotion, soaps, shower gel, hand sanitizer, shampoo/conditioner, bath bombs, car freshener, etc. This is an easy gift for under $10 that you can find in stores like Bath and Body Works, Walmart, Target, etc.

6. Get on oldie, but goodie DVD plus popcorn

Who doesn’t love a movie night? Find a classic movie and toss in some popcorn too.  

7. Sports themed item

Don’t forget your sporty friends by getting a sports themed gift.  Find golf balls, yoga mats, t-shirts or mugs of their favorite sports team, etc.

8. Homemade or store-bought dessert

Make or buy a sweet like cookies, cake pops, cupcakes, or chocolate covered strawberries.

9. Pet gear

Buy something their four-legged best friend could use. It can be pet toys, bed, clothes, collar, or grooming shampoo.

10. Games

Give a gift with some child-like fun. Find a board game like Uno, Jenga, Connect Four, or Candy Land.

Good luck in your search to find easy gifts for under $10.

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