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Tonight’s The End of Quarter Executive Money Meeting!

Halle-freakin’-lujah 2020 is coming to an end with only three months left! Join me live tonight at 7pm on Instagram for the End of Quarter Executive Money Meeting to start managing your money like a boss!

The third quarter is wrapping up and the final three months of 2020 are almost here (thank goodness, right?!).  The End of Quarter Executive Money Meeting is an evening carved out just for you. You’ll get a quick money check-in, financial pick-me-up, and inspiration. You’ll hear from Kim, who paid off $45,404 in 28 months (versus 20 years)!

Get the accountability and community with money you crave with the End of Quarter Executive Money Meeting tonight!

executive money meeting

When you watch live, you can enter to win a 1-hour money coaching session.

Money coaching is like having a personal finance consultant to get the results you want with money. I’m finally joining the new millennium and Best Money Class Ever’s on Instagram. With that said, I don’t have many followers and there’s a good chance you can win!

Enter by joining me live on Instagram, follow @bestmoneyclassever, and tag three friends in the comments. The winner will be announced tonight!

If you’ve made financial progress, let me know and I’ll give ya a shoutout!

See ya tonight! It’s a date.

P.S.  Want to save your 1:1 money coaching spot? Sessions are now only open once a quarter. The deadline to enroll for sessions in 2020 is September 23. Slots won’t open again until 2021. Get details here on how money coaching works. For a limited time you’ll get all my favorite money tools for free when you enroll for a money coaching session. Have questions if money coaching is for you? Ask me your questions here.

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Don’t forget, tonight you can win a 1-hour money coaching session by following @bestmoneyclassever, attending the IG live, and tagging three friends during this free webinar!

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