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How to Celebrate Halloween When You’re In a New City

how to celebrate halloween new city

Halloween is my all-time favorite holiday when it comes to having a good time and putting in minimal
work! Yes, there’s preparation, but not all the hoopla with preparing a big Thanksgiving meal or Christmas shopping. However, if you’ve recently moved to a new city, transferred jobs, or haven’t quite established an adult friend group, what can you do to celebrate Halloween this year?

Being in a New City Doesn’t Mean Halloween is Canceled, Celebrate Anyway!

I’m living full-time in an RV and for the most part, I enjoy it. Historically, I’ve been known to host a Halloween house party (oh-so much fun)! One reality with traveling in a RV means that when holidays come, my friends aren’t with me!

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Here’s How to Celebrate Halloween When You’re in a New City

First, have solo Halloween fun! You can start your own “adult” holiday traditions purely for yourself!

When in a new city, you don’t have to have a massive pumpkin carving party with loads of friends and family. You can Netflix your fav Halloween movie, like Hocus Pocus, bust out a bottle of wine, and carve a pumpkin yourself! Yes, company is wonderful, but there’s power in being content with who you are on your own.

In addition to carving a pumpkin you can roast pumpkin seeds, craft your own pumpkin spice latte, make caramel-dipped apples, go to the library to check out a thriller novel, or make a Halloween cocktail, like this mulled-wine recipe.

Put Yourself out There to Meet Friends

Part of “adulting” is making new friends if you move cities for school, work, or full-time travel like I’m doing. Friends won’t just show up on your door, it takes effort! There’s no easy way to do it, except to put yourself out there. Halloween is a great opportunity to develop a friendship.

Join new groups, churches, or anything that interest you, try it out! Want to learn how to horseback ride, hip-hop dance, or cook? Take a class! When you do things that interest you, you’ll naturally find friends that enjoy things you find interesting too.

As Halloween is creeping up, make Halloween plans with your new acquaintances. Friendships grow when you have new experiences with new people.

Plan Ahead and Follow-Through for Halloween!

Whatever city you’re in, do a quick search with the name of the city and things to do for Halloween. Ask around for sites specific to your city that list events and calendars where bloggers write on city events. Or there are sites like and that list events for Halloween. Last year for Halloween, I did an event that had a chocolate and cheese pairing!

Be proactive in asking any new acquaintances or coworkers to try out a Halloween event with you- whether it’s a Halloween pub crawl or something low-key like volunteering to pass out candy for a nonprofit. If no one takes you up, go to whatever event that catches your eye solo.

When I was in Austin and had a large network of friends, I’d often go to events with my group of friends. Then, I wouldn’t mingle and meet other new people when I already had my crew of people. We might as well have had a house party versus going to a public and open event, because we’d only talk to one another.

On the flip side, I’ve found that I’m more social and interactive with the group at-large when I arrive to a new event 100% by myself. It is uncomfortable at first, but it’s worth it to meet new people!

I hope you enjoy the fall season and celebrate Halloween, even if you’re in a new city!

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