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How to Set Money Goals (Two Counterintuitive Steps)

How to Set Money Goals

Are you overwhelmed, stressed, and depressed about money?  Have your ever taken take the time to set money goals? What would you like your personal finances to be like?

You turn into a Spice Girl.

As a money coach I’m like, “So tell me what you want, what you really, really want!”
You: “I wanna really, really, really, wanna zig-a-zig-ah.”

 You have no idea what you want your financial life to look like! If you can’t define what you really want, you’re never gonna get it! You’ll keep getting more of the same outcomes you have now (more debt, stress, and lack of savings).

Learn how to set money goals with two counterintuitive steps.

This is part of new series called, ‘How to Manage Your Money: Get out of Debt, Save, and Stress Less about Money.’

You’ll Learn:

  • (Week 1) How to find your motivation to get out of debt and save
  • (Week 2) How to Set Money Goals?
  • (Week 3) Where do you start with money? Overcome analysis paralysis with a proven plan
  • (Week 4) What app, tools, or resources are the best to manage money?
  • (Week 5) How to get out of debt ASAP
  • (Week 6) How to stop emotional impulsive spending (and live within your means)
  • (Week 7) Why you NEED to invest now for retirement

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How to Set Money Goals 2 Steps

YAAS. I Want to learn How to Manage My Money

How to set money goals

Step 1. Get negative

First to set money goals, let’s get negative! What makes you want to go to a closet and scream at the top of your lungs, “What the finance?!”

Or what keeps you up at night and is taking up too much brain space? If you’re like me, life didn’t go as planned. Positive affirmations are great, but  can keep you in denial and stop growth.

Instead of living in denial that life’s peachy keen, I’m your girl to vent to about money stress!

I can see what you’re thinking, “Well Carly aren’t you a money coach and speaker? Aren’t you supposed to highlight the positive?” No! Not today, not now. No more Mr. Nice Guy! I give you full permission to say, “I have had it up to here with MONEY!”

I’m a major advocate for therapy and keeping your mental health in check. You gotta feel the feels.

If you’re reading this, then chances are your finances are in the way of living the life you envisioned. Money’s a major source of stress, anxiety, and depression and impacts you to the core of what you want in life.  

When you step out of denial and admit what your biggest frustrations with money are that’s when change can occur.

Examples of getting negative about money:

  • You’re tired of living paycheck to paycheck
  • Expenses pop up and your money feels out of control
  • You feel like you’ll be paying your student loans forever
  • You’re job stinks and you hate corporate America

Use these as cues of what you want with money and you’re starting point on how to set money goals.

2. Define what you really want (and give yourself permission to fail)

Once you clarify your pain points with money, the next step is use your pain to set your money goals. Also, I give you permission to fail with money!

A quick story, I played soccer growing up. I always envisioned goals, like a soccer goal with three bars and a net. You kick the ball and it either goes in the goal to get a point or you miss.

This mindset with goals always led me to feeling “behind.” It was a do or die way of thinking. When I didn’t reach what I set out to by a certain timeline of what my life “should” look like, I felt like a failure. Game over, I lost. I was less likely to even set the goal because I didn’t want to experience feeling like a failure if I didn’t achieve.

Instead, I now think of goals as targets, or a dart board.

What are you aiming for? You might not hit the bullseye, but it’s the direction you’re heading.

I recently did axe throwing. I’d step up to throw the axe with my game face on, ready to get bullseye, and eye on the tiger. Then I’d throw the axe and it wouldn’t even hit the dart board! With targets, you try and try again, persisting until you succeed. You get points when you don’t hit the bullseye.

This mindset gives yourself permission to fail, but to go all in for what you really want in life. It says, “I’m going to pay off all my debt 35k in less than 36 months.” Then when life throws you a massive medical bill, you handle it, pick up another dart and try again. Eventually you’ll get what you’re aiming for.

Here’s examples of how to turn your pain point into money targets:

  • Tired of living paycheck to paycheck, then set a goal to save for a 6-month emergency fund
  • Expenses pop up and your money feels out of control, commit to projecting your income and expenses before the month starts
  • You feel like you’ll be paying your student loans forever; get a plan to pay off debt in 36 months or less
  • Hate corporate America and want to retire ASAP, learn how investing works and max out your retirement accounts

What are your money goals?


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Next in this series, you’ll learn where to start with money and a step-by-step plan to get you there.

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