life's about to get cra-cra

Life’s About to Get Cra-Cra

Holiday Traffic. In-laws. Black Friday. The holidays are HERE! Oh snap. I just wanted to let ya know: YOU’VE GOT THIS!

Oh and also… right NOW I’m launching my new mini-class and 1-hour coaching session called How to Get Focused and Organized with your Money + Life. Get the details here!

Life’s about to get cra-cra!

The holiday season can get hectic and super-stressful. I hope you can enjoy the whirl wind of this season. Take some time for yourself to wind down, pat yourself on the back for successes from the year, and give thanks that you’ve survived some of the not-so-great parts of the last year.

For me this long weekend, I’m gonna grab a cup of Joe and start mapping out what it is that I want in my financial life for 2020.

What is it that you want for the next year? Do you want to finally get serious about investing? Ready to commit to getting out of debt? Or is it time to make travel a priority?

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What I love about personal finance is that nothing is off the table.

If sky diving is your thing: do it! If you can’t miss a Beyoncé concert, great! Or as Paula Pant says, “you can afford anything, but you can’t afford everything.”

You really can prioritize for what is the most important to you: but you can’t do it all. The biggest lesson that I’ve learned this last year is you also can’t figure it all out on your own either.

We are social creatures and simply can’t do life alone (no matter how introverted you swear that you are!).

Community is a necessity!

I designed the new mini-class + coaching session because I don’t want you to have figure out this money stuff on your own either. So many people would ask, “Carly I have XZY situation, what can I do?”

I don’t have all the answers, but I do have about 1500 people that have attended my class or live events and a degree in Finance. I took my best money tips and made short videos that you can binge watch and we can chat about your financial dreams. I also designed a Financial (day) Planner, that’s a financial planner and day planner in one. That is going to be my bff this weekend when I start mapping out what I want for this next year. If you want to join forces, let’s do it! I’d love to work together. Life’s about to get cra cra, don’t isolate yourself! Enjoy lots of turkey and mashed potatoes😊 I am grateful for you all!

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