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Your Money Situation Isn’t Unsolvable: Use These Lifesaving Money Tools

lifesaving money tools

You might feel like your financial situation is unique, completely helpless, hopeless, unsolvable, and will be a constant struggle.

Nope! Not true. No one’s financial situation is a snowflake or uniquely impossible to overcome. I often get messages like this, “Hi Carly, I’ve heard you speak. I envy your logical and strategic approach to finance. Money has always made me extremely anxious. Even now, writing this, I’m nervous, but I was dying to ask. What if I can’t even afford my minimum payments?”

No matter what your current situation is, you can turn things around!

If I could pay off $35,000 in debt and build a nest egg over $100,000 by age 26 with an average income, so can you!

Managing money isn’t easy. There’s no magic pill or get rich quick scheme. However, there are lifesaving tools you can use to work towards getting the results you want with money.

In today’s video, I peel back the curtain and show you exactly what tools I use to manage my money. Also, these tools didn’t just work for me. They’ve helped hundreds of people who felt like their unique financial situation was unsolvable.

Stop hating on yourself and shake it off with these lifesaving money tools.

lifesaving money tools

If you’re always looking for more tools for your financial toolbox, then watch to find out:

  • Why apps that sync your accounts are pointless
  • Tools to use instead of standard budgeting apps
  • How billion-dollar companies manage money (and you can too!)
  • Real results from people just like you who transformed their finances

This is the final video in the Make It Happen Challenge. You can get the results you want with money. I’ll show you how. Watch the video now!


P.S. As a quick heads up, if you want one on one help from me, slots for money coaching will open soon. Session are now only available at the end of each quarter. Stay tuned for details!

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Hi! I'm Carly

I’m a Finance grad and creator of Best Money Class Ever, a 4-week live virtual personal finance class. I paid off $35,000 of debt and saved a nest egg of over $100,000 by age 26 (earning only around the median household income!).

If I can pay off debt and build savings at a young age, anyone can with a little education and solid plan.

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best money class ever

“Oh, my goodness, I learned a lot. I enjoyed everything! Carly’s a great financial teacher.”

Asinah, Best Money Class Ever student

Where do you start with money?

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 Tired of not making progress with money? Learn the three money mistakes (you can’t afford to make). Plus book a 15-minute money coaching session, for free!

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