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How to Make Extra Money During Coronavirus

Want to make extra money during the pandemic, but now sure how with social distancing? Here are two unconventional ways to make extra money coronavirus

Losing your income is rough, but losing an income with a pandemic is downright scary. Are companies hiring? Is it mission impossible to make extra money on the side during the coronavirus pandemic?

YAAS, you can make extra money during the coronavirus pandemic.

Before the pandemic, according to CNN, 44 million American’s already had side hustles. If you’ve been meaning to get your finances in order, with an extra income, now is the time to do it!

In addition to the financial perks of extra money, a side hustle can give purpose, meaning, and structure to your days. Staying at home is isolating and there are only so many series you can binge watch! Step outside of isolation and make extra money during the coronavirus.

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This is part of a series, The Coronavirus Money Survival Guide with must-use tips to stay sane during the pandemic. The first part was on how to conquer coronavirus money fears, you can check it out right here. A quick recap, you can conquer your fears with a three-step process of naming your specific fears, evaluating the worst-case scenario, and working now to improve on your worst-case scenario.

Making an extra income now (before losing your job or hours) is a fantabulous way to be proactive with your financial fears.

Even if you’re working remotely and feel secure with your current job, making extra money can help if you are on a mission to get out of debt and boost your emergency savings.

Watch the video to learn two unconventional ways to make extra money.

In the video, you’ll find out how most of last year I was on a sabbatical and didn’t make my standard income. The crazy part is, I also didn’t burn through savings and was able to still make an income. 

A key part of how I didn’t have to live on savings without standard work, was because my expenses were ultra-low. Next week, we’ll dive into how to cut your expenses with the coronavirus.

Remember, your health and safety is the number one right priority now. Always follow the guidelines by CDA and follow local ordinances with the pandemic.

Hang in there!

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