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The Hidden Meaning of Passion That Can Change Your Life

meaning of passion that can change your life

I’ve always associated passion with being happy-go-lucky, carefree, and having an approach to life that’s like walking on sunshine.

Once you re-learn what passion is and find out the hidden meaning of passion you can create realistic expectations for your life. You can endure the hardships. Inevitable failures in life won’t stop you in your pursuit of following your passion.

Here’s the hidden meaning of passion.

True passion is to lie down your life and give-up everything as an act of sacrifice to gain not for yourself, but for a greater cause and good for others.

Oh snap, right?!

True passion involves blood, sweat, tears, and pain. With passion there’s suffering and hardships. There are rock bottom moments that come and take you to places even further down than you ever thought was possible.

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Passion isn’t about rainbows, butterflies, and unicorns.  

Of course, pursuing your passion is looking at your natural gifts and talents. It’s examining your value add to society. Finding your passion is finding something that comes easy to you: at first.

With passion there’s heartbreak, a feeling of helplessness, and experiencing failure upon failure.

I realized this hidden meaning of passion because of Easter. To me, it never made sense why it’s called Good Friday. That’s the day Jesus died on a cross. Shouldn’t it be called Bad Friday? More importantly, why is this referred to as the Passion of Christ?

Jesus was publicly humiliated by carrying his own cross, wore a crown made of thorns, beat to a pulp, spat on, and then nailed on a cross for a slow death. Being crucified isn’t like a lethal injection that is practically painless, it’s one of the most painful deaths.

Wowzers. See what I mean about the hidden meaning of passion?

It’s life changing. Passion is loving something so much that you’d endure anything. This doesn’t mean you’re a doormat that gets taken advantage of. Having passion means you’re assertive and tough as nails. You won’t be bullied, and you’ll persist until you succeed.  

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