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You only live once.

Be smart with your money now!

Best Money Class Ever is a live and virtual 4-week personal finance class. Learn a step-by-step plan to get out of debt, invest, save, and buy a home or car.

Take the class in a group setting or get private 1:1 help with money coaching.

  • Wednesday nights starting October 6th
  • View live 7:00-9:00 p.m. Central
  • Watch recording whenever
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When it comes to managing money do you think...


“I don’t know where to start with money. I need a plan to follow to accomplish my goals.”

“Making a budget and sticking to it is very hard. I save and end up spending what I saved.” 

“With my new job I have to select my retirement plan but have no clue what to do. How do I figure out what to invest in?!”

“I earn a good living – but I never have a cushion or money for unexpected expenses. I’m having a hard time grasping what I’m doing wrong.”   


You don’t need to figure this money stuff out alone.

Join over 2,000 people!

Whether you’re drowning in debt, living paycheck to paycheck, or already debt-free and want to boost your net worth, Best Money Class Ever will help you get the results you want with money.  Go from stressed and unorganized with money to becoming Chief Financial Officer and managing your money like a boss.

You’ll Get:

Focus + Clarity            

Overcome analysis paralysis and overwhelm with a step-by-step proven plan. Find out exactly where you stand with money, get clear on where you want to be financially, and follow a roadmap to get you there.


You need accountability and a deadline with money goals. You’ll learn how Fortune 500 (billion-dollar companies) stay accountable with money and you can too!

Financial Education           

Knowledge is power, but somehow money isn’t taught in school. You can have a PhD, but never learned about 401(k) plans, mortgages, or paying off student loans.

Loren and Bryce tripled their net worth in two years

Loren and Bryce best money class ever

“The class really motivated me,” said Loren. After attending the class they paid off $24,000 in student loans, saved a six-month emergency fund, and are maxing out their 401(k) plan. This resulted in tripling their net worth.

“Rather than just saying, ‘I want to be debt-free or have $X amount in savings,’ the tools Carly provides are actionable,” said Bryce.

Who is THIS for?

Best Money Class Ever is for teachers, engineers, musicians, nurses, entrepreneurs, lawyers, military families, and YOU! This class is perfect if you…

Kim paid off $45,404 in 28 months

kim best money class ever

Kim tried doing budget after budget, and spreadsheets galore. After making no progress on her own she enrolled in Best Money Class Ever. With tools from class she saw exactly what it’d take to pay off her debt in 36 months or less.

“As soon as I physically saw it was possible, I no longer felt overwhelmed,” said Kim.  She’s now 100% debt-free, “I feel on top of the world. I feel like a stronger person.”

The class was very helpful! Carly gives great, honest, straightforward feedback. Information was presented in a way that was relatable and easy to understand. The concrete examples are good, plus I laughed EVERY class. I appreciate the positive attitude and sense of humor!


I loved Carly’s in depth, personalized response to the exact financial issues I was going through. I felt well guided to know exactly what to focus on in with my finances. I LOVED the class.


I liked the sense of humor, great personality, awesome spreadsheets, good examples, how it was easy to understand, and how everything was broken into obtainable goals! I joined a gym and nutritional class to get in shape. I needed to get my money in shape. This was easier to learn from a “peer” rather than on old stuffy “expert.”


carly best money class ever
Hi! I'm Carly

I paid off $35k in debt and saved $100k by age 26 (earning only the median household income). If I can pay off debt and build savings, then anyone can with a little education and a solid plan!

With coffee in hand and my laptop I took what I learned studying Finance and created Best Money Class Ever, a four-week virtual personal finance class.

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

Each week there’s a lesson, with a challenge to apply what you learn.

Challenge 1

Become Chief Financial Officer: Manage your Money Like a Boss

Tired of emotional spending online? Feel out of control and stressed with your money? You’ll get the promotion of a lifetime: Chief Financial Officer. YAAS. You’re in charge now. Stop letting money rule you. Start running the business of you! Be empowered to take control of your money just like a Chief Financial Officer.

  • 3 Must-Have Qualities to Get out of Debt and Build Wealth
  • One Practice to Help You Reach Your Financial Dreams
  • How to Get Unstuck with Money
  • How to Define Financial Independence (It Has Nothing to do with Your Income!)
  • The Finance Plan: Your Step 1, 2, 3, and 4 with Money
  • How to Become CFO and Use Financial Statements Like Fortune 500 (billion-dollar companies!)
  • Step out of denial and see exactly where you stand with money by filling in your Balance Sheet
  • See if your spending is in line with your values by filling in your Statement of Cash Flow
  • Do more of the things in life you love by projecting your income and expenses with your Income Statement

Challenge 2

Get out of Debt: Imagine Having no Payments

Student loans, credit cards, and car payments, oh my! Easily a third or more of your income can go out the door to pay off what you owe, not to mention thousands of dollars that go down the drain to pay the interest. Having thousands of dollars in debt makes life stressful. It’s possible to live without monthly debt payments, this challenge you’ll find out how.

  • Eight debt myths you need to overcome to get out of debt
  • Why time is money with paying off your student loans
  • Three simple steps to get and stay out of debt
  • Discover a brilliant system for managing money for day-to-day expenses
  • Get the step-by-step process to buying groceries to save you thousands of dollars a year
  • Find out what it takes to be debt-free in 36 months or less with an a-mazing debt calculator
  • Ditch online emotional spending and feeling guilt from late-night shopping on Amazon
  • Stop wasting money on take-out by meal planning and grocery shopping like a pro

Challenge 3

Live within your Means: Stop Keeping up with the Kardashians

Social media highlight reels got you green with envy? On any given day someone’s traveling the world, buying a home, or on a bachelor party extravaganza like The Hangover. How everyone can everyone afford to do it all? There are two big ticket items you’ve gotta get right: your home and car. Find out how to live within your means and stop going down the rabbit hole of online comparison. 

  • Six pro tips to live large while living within your means
  • Discover four reasons why a mortgage equal to your rent doesn’t show the whole picture for home affordability
  • Must-use numbers and ratios to determine the total maximum value of home to purchase (*hint* it is not remotely close to the online calculator estimates)
  • Understand how mortgages work with an example of a home financed three ways
  • How to drive a car you love, but for 25-40% off
  • Get out of the “every month expenses pop-up” cycle with three rules to avoid constantly dipping into savings
  • Know your “emergency number” or a set number you need in the bank to sleep better at night for emergency expenses
  • Calculate the total value of home to purchase (to avoid ever being house poor)
  • Nail down the cost of your next car now (well in advance of stepping on a car lot)
  • Like a boss project your income and expenses for the upcoming quarter

Challenge 4

Start Investing (Confidently!)

Your brains like, “How does investing work? Short sell, Game Stop, diversification, Telsa, Bitcoin, stocks, compound interest, mutual funds, ROTH IRA, 401k, expense rations… sayyy what?!”

Investing doesn’t need to be like a foreign language. You don’t need a degree in Finance to understand it all. Find out how to invest with confidence without spending hours analyzing the stock market. Learn what you need to know and get rid of the noise of what isn’t important.

  • A simple step-by-step process to invest like a champ
  • A genius way to avoid investing your money at the wrong time
  • How to select a portfolio that performs better and earns more interest than a portfolio selected by financial analysts
  • How Retirement Plans Work: IRA’s vs. 401(k)’s and Traditional vs. Roth
  • Investing strategies to keep your investments strong, even during recessions
  • Two super-common investing mistakes you need to avoid
  • See a year-by-year projection of how your investments will grow and compound
  • Have the magic number of how much you need to save for retirement
  • Find out if you’ll run out of money in retirement (and how to course correct)

Here’s How You’ll Learn:

Grab a drink at home and learn about money!

The lesson will be held live virtually with time for in class Q&A.

Lessons are held via Zoom. I’d love to see your pretty face, but if you’re camera shy, you can turn off your camera.

Yes, grab a drink at home and join the class. Think of Best Money Class Ever as your financial happy hour! The things we do with money are fun: backpacking Europe, bachelorette parties, birthday celebrations, and brunches. Learning about money should be fun too!  

Learn from wherever! Class location is YOUR couch.

 The class streams live from Austin, TX and has made it’s way to LA, Chicago, and even Japan and Australia. The class is held live Central time in the evening.

What if you have a scheduling conflict and can’t view the class live?

You can watch the recording of each lesson around your schedule. Binge watch and rewatch the recordings whenever.

Each lesson comes with a downloadable workbook.

Jessica and Matthias paid off $61,000 in 20 months

Jessica and Matthias best money class ever

Newlyweds Jessica and Matthias were only paying the minimum debt payments (even after taking Dave Ramsey’s class!). “I was tired of being run by my money… I’d get paid and it’d all go to bills.” said Jessica.

They wanted to talk to a real person and not just a one-size-fits all program. Now they’re debt-free and can focus on their future of starting a family and buying a home. “It feels like a weight lift off our shoulders. There’s no stress,” said Matthias.

Your Class Resources

Four live 2-hour classes

YAAS. You get to talk to a real human!

You’ll learn directly from Carly with in class live Q&A.


Class Recording

Watch whenever!

You’ll get the recording of the lesson with short videos to see exactly how to complete your challenge for the week, with an Average Joe example!

best money class ever recordings

Financial (day) Planner

A day planner and financial plan in one.

This puts a dollar sign on your to-do list. It’s jammed pack spreadsheets (you won’t be able to resist geeking out over!), like a debt and investing calculator.

best money class ever balance sheet

Four Downloadable Workbooks

Your personal finance mega cheatsheet.

Use these for the rest of your life (unlike those expensive college textbooks, you didn’t use in real life!).  All the personal finance knowledge bombs you learn in class will be in written form.

best money class ever worbook

How Money Coaching Works

Money coaching is like have a personal finance consultant to get the results you want with money!

Get 1:1 private money guidance that’s affordable and in terms you can understand. Money coaching is designed to educate and empower you to make smart decisions about money.

Money coaching is available for one-month or three-months. 

You can come back for more sessions to get long-term support and accountability. Slots for money coaching are limited and only open once a quarter.

Coaching is for you if you:

The Financial Review

Tips just for you.

Ask Carly your specific money questions privately between each lesson. Get personalized private coaching and tips throughout class by email.

best money class ever money coaching

1-Hour Coaching Call

Private 1:1 coaching

Have a private virtual 1-hour money coaching call with Carly. Sessions available the week after class is completed in the morning, lunch, or evening.

Executive Summary

Coaching Recap!

After your coaching call, you’ll  an executive summary! It’s an extra downloadable workbook with a recap of your session with tips for you get the results you want with money.

“Thank you Carly for providing an AFFORDABLE financial guide and planning course for beginners! I previously looked into working with a financial advisor to help guide me and was quoted at about $6,000 per year, which I definitely didn’t have to spare given I was living mostly paycheck to paycheck. Thankfully, I found Best Money Class Ever which taught me how to responsibly navigate my finances on my own and gave me a plan to manage my money!”


Enroll Now! Let's do this.

Choose what option works best for you!

4-week Class

Best Money Class Ever
$ 249 one Time enrollment

1 month money coaching

The Hustler
$ 229 Initial enrollment is $229*
most popular
3 months money coaching
The Spartan
$ 199 initial enrollment is $199*
best value

*With coaching you’ll get email support throughout the live class. Your private 1:1 session is after class is completed. With The Hustler’s enrollment money coaching is an additional $229. Or with The Spartan, you’ll have three coaching sessions for an additional $199 per session. Discount available when you pay for coaching with your enrollment.*

Get the ongoing support you need to stay on track with  money.


You’re on a mission to achieve your financial goals and you can get the accountability you need. 

Returning students can experience Best Money Class Ever again live as a refresher (or watch the recordings with updated class materials) and get 1:1 private money coaching sessions. 

-All Best Money Class Ever materials

  • Weekly Accountability emails from Carly
  • Email support for a month
  • Private 1-hour money coaching session
  • Executive summary with tips just for you


  • Weekly Accountability emails from Carly
  • Email support for three months
  • Private 1-hour money coaching session the end of each month
  • Three executive summaries with tips just for you

$199/month for three months


Printable Annual Financial + Life Review

Get organized with your money and life. Instead of being blindsided by medical bills or bridesmaids dresses, this downloadable helps you have a plan for expenses!

best money class ever

Printable weekly planner

Ditch online emotional spending and stop wasting money on take-out with this downloadable weekly planner. You can meal plan, grocery shop, and organize your week. 

weekly cash challenge

Bring a Friend for Free!

Know of a friend, family member, or coworker who’d also geek out on personal finance? You can bring them to class for free.

You’re not a snowflake

Your financial situation isn’t helpless. Here’s people just like you, who’ve transformed their finances. They did it and so can you!

Paid off Medical Debt


Saved $10,000 for a rainy day fund and paid off $15,000 in medical debt.

Jessica and Daniel

Paid off over $21,000 in debt within one year as a single-income household.

Earn More or Spend Less

Samantha and Stan

Doubled their income with a side hustle and bought a car with cash. They’re 100% debt-free.

Pay off Credit Card Debt in Months


Paid off her credit card- $3,135 in three months.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Take the class 100% Risk-Free

I get it.  You want real results.  I want you to get results with money too.  

If you take the class and you aren’t satisfied, then you’ll be reimbursed your enrollment cost. This program works- if you do too!  Attend each session live (in person or streaming online), and complete all of your challenges. If you fill in every spreadsheet in your Financial (day) Planner and you aren’t happy, then you’ll get your money back. Email your completed planner within two-business days of the last class and you’ll get a refund.

If you enroll in class with coaching, the 30-day money back guarantee is valid for the class enrollment (coaching portion of enrollment is not valid for reimbursed due to time and service provided).

 Try Best Money Class Ever, 100% risk-free, 30-day money back guarantee.

This is the roadmap with money you've been looking for.


“I'm addicted. This spreadsheet is just so much easier than Quickbooks. Thanks, we are both pretty excited to get this show on the road!”
This is so so thorough. Thank you so much... I will need to watch it a couple more times to really digest it! So much goodness here. I really appreciated the push to get things in order.
Your class really gave me a great framework to take charge of my finances… I have found your spreadsheet SUPER helpful and have been consistently using it a few times a month.”

As Seen With:

Small Business Festival
Hack Reactor


Yes, it sounds counterintuitive right? However, if you constantly stress about money, doesn’t it make sense to do something? If you’ve invested thousands of dollars in getting a degree, it’s smart to learn about money: something you use every. single. day.

No! Managing money isn’t easy If it were, you wouldn’t want coaching! The students who get results hustle (like for real).

Absolutely! You can add on a 1-hour private money coaching session with Carly

YAAS. If you have a spouse, when you register for a coaching session your spouse is absolutely welcome to join. In fact, it’s highly recommended to have both people on board. Your enrollment includes bringing a friend for free. Spouses are recommended to attend.

Carly studied Finance the McCombs School of Business at The University of Texas at Austin (ranked #4 in the nation). She personally paid off over $35,000 in debt and saved over $100,000 by age 26. Carly’s been a speaker with over 65 organizations including TCU, UT Law, NYU Alumni, Hack Reactor, Dress for Success, Girl’s Scout, Small Business Festival,and more. Over 1,900 people have attended her live events and classes.

This class is for people who want to take their money savvy skills to the next level.  If you are already debt-free, great!  Many students have taken the course who are already debt-free and still learned a ton about money from investing, to negotiating, and how to manage your money like a business. Homeowners can get tips to shave years off your mortgage and be equipped to pay for home maintenance and repairs.

-Want to get rich quick through day trading, flipping houses, or cryptocurrency

-Need a broker to buy life insurance or investments

-Need legal or tax advice from a Certified Public Accountant or attorney