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(Last Call) Money coaching enrollment is closing, are you in?

money coaching

Hot mess. Stressful AF. Out of control.

These are ALL realities of 2020. If you feel like curling up in fetal position and crying, I get it!

As a heads up, enrollment for one on one money coaching is closing tomorrow, Wednesday, September 23rd. It’s your last chance to book a session for 2020 and there are only two spots left!

money coaching
Get the details here and enroll now!

I’ve experienced failure, anxiety, depression, trauma, loss, grief, and feeling “behind in life.” It sucks. See, I’ve also done therapy, journaling, support groups, exercise, and even medication.

Out of everything, I’ve learned my number one mood booster, anxiety reliever, and pick-me-up is calling a friend and talking it out!

Period. It never fails!

It’s also why I offer money coaching.

If the pandemic has taught me anything, it’s how we’re social creatures and not made to do life alone. If your source of stress is money (a super taboo topic), then I’d love to be your girl to talk it out and create a plan to get the results you want with money.

Let’s suit up and make it happen!

How Money Coaching Works

1. Enroll by Wednesday, September 23rd and book your session

Sessions are now only available quarterly. Enrollment closes on September 23rd. Once you enroll, you can book your live virtual 1-hour session from September 28- October 9th in the morning, during lunch, or after work. You can check out the exact time slots here.

You can book one session or if you want more accountability, you can enroll for a 1-hour session over the next three months.

2. Access life-saving tools you can use year-round

Before your session, you’ll have access to an online mini-class called, “How to Get Focused and Organized with your Money + Life.” You’ll get short videos and a downloadable workbook with my best money tips from how to define financial independence to my grocery shopping system that can save you thousands of dollars a year.

financial (day) planner

3. Let me know your top three money targets

Define what outcomes you want from money coaching. Here’s examples of what past clients wanted to achieve: pay off debt, save for a new car, build nest egg, save 3-6 months of expenses, maximize extra money, create a big picture monthly budget, or how to avoid buying things you don’t need.

4. Fill in your financials

See exactly were you are now by filling in your own Financial (day) Planner. It’s a day planner and financial plan in one! This fantabulous spreadsheet puts a dollar sign to your to-do list. It includes:

  • Financial statements: Balance Sheet, Statement of Cash Flow, and Income Statement. You’ll freakin’ love financial statements.
  • The Finance Plan (aka your step 1, 2, 3, and 4 with money!).
  • An a-mazing debt calculator where you can see what it takes to be debt-free in 36 months or less.
  • See how your money will grow with a fancy pants investing calculator. 

5. 1-Hour Virtual Money Coaching Session + Executive Summary

I’ll review your financials and create a plan to get the results you want with money. We’ll have a live virtual 1-hour session. After your session you’ll get a Money Executive Summary, a downloadable workbook that summarizes everything for you!

I’m honored and humbled to have real people, with real results.

Here’s what others have said about money coaching:

Samantha and Stan where already debt-free before their money coaching session. After, money coaching, they doubled their income with a side hustle and bought a car with cash. “We (now) basically live on a paycheck and save a paycheck,” Samantha said.

Newlyweds Jessica and Matthias paid off $61,000 in 20 months. They said, “It feels relaxing, like a weight lift off our shoulders. You can do with money what you please. There’s no stress.”

Meghan paid off her credit card- $3,135 in three months, after having credit card debt for almost a decade. It feels amazing. It has been a long time since I have had a zero balance on that. It’s nice to not have to think about paying it every month,” she said.

You don’t need to spend the rest of your life paying for the mistakes from your early twenties. If you have a s**t ton of debt, you can pay it off and stay out of debt! Homeownership can happen for you! You can be good with money and not stressed about it all the time!

 Let’s do this, enroll for money coaching session now! Your future self will thank you.

P.S.  Have questions about money coaching? Submit your question here and I’ll do my best to personally answer your questions and concerns! Again, If you want to work together with me to make it happen here, then great! If not, that’s totally ok too.  Whatever you do, get started now! Time is money. Do what works for you to get a financial education and accountability to live the life you’ve envision. 
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Carly Best Money Class Ever

Hi! I'm Carly

Here you’ll learn how to pay off debt, invest (confidently!), and stress less about money!

I’m a Finance grad and creator of Best Money Class Ever, a 4-week live virtual personal finance class.  I paid off $35,000 of debt and saved $100,000 by age 26. You can pay off debt and build savings too!

kim best money class ever

Kim paid off $45k in 28 months

Loren and Bryce best money class ever

Loren and Bryce tripled their net worth in two years.

Jessica and Matthias best money class ever

Jessica and Matthias paid off $61k in 20 months

Join me LIVE!  

Best Money Class Ever.

Starts July 7th!

You can pay off debt and build savings too! All you need is an education and a solid plan.

Enroll now and bring a friend for free!

“I really enjoyed the enthusiasm and the way Best Money Class Ever helped me acquire a mindset to focus on money. Having a mentor and a process around something as important as money is really critical. Thank you for the guidance. I like the format and the presentations are very helpful.” Alex

“I enrolled to gain confidence, remove anxiety around money, and get a handle of being debt free and begin saving for life purchases.” Charlotte

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