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One Unconventional Way to Overcome Financial Fear (for Good!)

Are you experiencing fear now? You know the feeling, your heart’s racing like you’re starring a lion in the face. Your body jumps into fight, flight, or freeze mode. Financial fear can be overwhelming, crippling, and all-consuming, but it doesn’t have to be. Even when your circumstances aren’t ideal, you don’t need to live in a constant state of fear. In the video you’ll find out one unconventional way to overcome financial fear for good.

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First, what are common and valid financial fears?


Your version of a lion or root of fear is unique to you. Even before the pandemic and social unrest after the murder of George Floyd, Nerdwallet surveyed to find out what most Americans fear with a recession. Here are the key findings:

  • 74% of Americans believe they’ll be impacted by a recession
  • 31% will need to dip into emergency savings
  • 31% won’t be able to pay bills on time
  • 30% worry the value of their investments will go down
  • 22% would increase current debt load
  • 14% fear they’ll lose their job

How financial fear can effect your life (and your body)


Turbo explained that Chrometophobia, (unlike Clastrophobia a fear of small spaces), is a fear of money. Signs that you’re experiencing Chrometophobia include avoiding thinking about money or withdrawing from activities because you’re worried about money.

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Fear isn’t fleeting and left unchecked, it will effect your body physically. Bustle reported surprising ways fear impacts your body. Fear can cause gastrointestinal issues, sweating, dizziness, heartburn, skin rashes, physical exhaustion, cold hands or feet, and tingling in your arms or legs. When you’re in a state of fear you can experience “foggy brain” where you lose focus, memory, and decision making skills. This naturally leads to lower job performance. Bustle showed fear leads people to self-medicate and develop unhealthy coping mechanisms, like excessive drinking.

Now you know the impact fear has on your body and life learn how to overcome fear.

In this video you’ll learn:

  • One simple tip to overcome financial fear for good
  • How you’re unknowingly making fear worse (and the psychology behind this)
  • Practical ways to implement this fear-destroying strategy

Financial fear doesn’t need to be paralyzing. You can overcome and move past your financial fears.

Watch the video now and try out this financial fear-destroying tip.

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