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The Power of Vulnerability with Money

Power of Vulnerability with Money

Tired of pretending you have it all together with money? Admitting that you have crushing debt or are having a hard time making ends is the last thing you want to do. Surprisingly, vulnerability with money can bring you power.

Shocking, right? How in the world is showing your weakness powerful? Brené Brown, best-selling author of Daring Greatly, showed in her infamous TED talk the power of vulnerability. Let’s take a spin on this idea and dive into the power of vulnerability with money.

First, what exactly is vulnerability?

Brown defines vulnerability as “uncertainty, risk and emotional exposure.” Vulnerability is applying for your dream job when you’re not sure if you’ll get it. It’s asking for help with a personal struggle. Or telling your true feelings when a white lie is easier.

What happens when you aren’t vulnerable?

The result of not allowing yourself to take risks and feel what you’re feeling leads to numbness. In Brené Browns talk she said, “We are the most in debt, obese, addicted, and medicated adult cohort in U.S. history.”

We don’t want to experience shame, fear, or disappointment. Instead we numb the pain and she said our mentality is, “I am going to have a couple of beers and a banana nut muffin.”

Here’s the power of vulnerability with money.

When you’re vulnerable in all aspects of your life you don’t numb your feelings by impulsively shopping, buying things you can’t afford to feel good, or going over the top to treat yo’ self. Your self-worth isn’t tied to having a flashy car, living in the best neighborhood, or having the appearance of success.

Vulnerability with money is saying, “I don’t think I’ll ever climb out of debt.” Or “I got laid off and now my income from my new job is significantly lower. I’m scared.”  

Brené says that, “vulnerability is the birthplace of love, belonging, joy, courage, empathy and creativity.”

When you open that little black box with your money secrets, you step out of isolation and shame. There is courage and bravery when you admit your weakness. In sharing financial struggles, you quickly find that you’re not alone. Then you feel connected, belonging, and acceptance of your true authentic self.

That’s the power of vulnerability with money. You don’t have to have it all together with money!

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