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How to Save Time and Money with Meal Planning

What exactly is the point of meal planning?

With meal planning you save time and money! You won’t believe how little I spent on groceries with meal planning! Time and money are both limited resources. How do you decide what’s for dinner and lunch? Is it a last-minute scramble to pick up something from the drive-through? Or maybe you’re constantly going back and forth with your partner negotiating on dinner plans.

Stop wasting time every. single. day stuck with indecision and analysis paralysis on what to eat.

If the idea of meal planning sounds time consuming to you, it’s not! With meal planning, you spend a little time before the week even starts, and then the rest of the week your meals are ready to go! Save money by grocery shopping versus forking over tons of money on restaurants and take-out for all your meals.

This is the second week of the #weeklycashchallenge to ditch online emotional spending and stop wasting money on take-out. I’m documenting my week and where my money goes! With the pandemic, everything is oh-so-scattered. Life plans are up in the air, but I find joy in knowing what’s for dinner (in advance)! I can’t control most everything in life, but I can control what I eat!

If you want to save time and money, then try meal planning!

Find out what meals I made, how much I spent in total for all my food last week, and how I have all my meals prepared (before the week even starts!) watch by clicking the link here. Or click  below!


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