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How to Stay Accountable with Money (One Genius and Simple Way!)

stay accountable with money

Do you constantly think, ‘I’m gonna do the dang thing,’ and finally get serious about investing for retirement, paying off debt, or save for a trip of a lifetime… and promptly nothing happens. Then you need to stay accountable with money. One genius and simple way to stay accountable with money is to find an accountaBILLibuddy. 

What’s an accountabillibuddy? 

An accountabilibuddy (originally coined from South Park) is a buddy to hold you accountable with your goals. AccountaBILLibuddy (two L’s) is a buddy to hold you accountable specifically with your bills and money. Loren and Bryce, past Best Money Class Ever students, talk about the importance of an accountabillabuddy (and they coined this term in this video!). Holding one another accountable pays off; they tripled their net worth in two years! 

Lifehack recommended if you want to stay accountable with money, then find like-minded groups. I couldn’t agree more. The article said, “Having a finance buddy could help you to stick with your goals and stay accountable.”

That’s why when you enroll by March 10th to Best Money Class Ever, my signature virtual 4-week personal finance class, you can bring a friend for free!  When you split the enrollment with a friend, it’s only $31 per class! Get the details and enroll here.

You don’t need to be married to have an accountabillibuddy. It can be a friend, coworker, family member, or anyone who also geeks out on personal finance. Goalcast stated a good accountability partner is a peer or someone on your same level. 

Accountability partners aren’t only for losing weight, nutrition, training for a race, overcoming addictions (smoking, drinking, etc.), or starting a new habit. Heck, chances are at one point in your love life, you and a friend made one another’s Hinge dating profile and tackled online dating together. You need accountability with money too. Managing money is hard as AF. You don’t need to figure this money stuff out on your own.  

Here’s how to stay accountable with money with an accountabillabuddy. 

If you’re constantly late-night scrolling online adding items to your cart, removing items, adding back items, ordering, and returning, then find a friend who also wants to opt-out of this toxic addiction. Together gain control of your emotional online spending. 

If you’ve dreamed of traveling, experiencing financial freedom, or being able to handle unexpected expenses without curling up into fetal position, then stay accountable with a friend! Define what you want in life (traveling, buying a home, updating your kitchen, etc.) and have a buddy to help one another live the life you’ve envisioned.  

Jackie, a past Best Money Class Ever student said, “I joined a gym and nutritional class to get in shape. I needed to get my money in shape.” When you have something on your to-do list and can’t seem to get er’ done, then stay accountable with money by finding an accountabillabuddy.

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