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Ditch Emotional Online Spending with the Weekly Cash Challenge

I challenge you to go three weeks without online emotional spending… starting tomorrow! You’re invited you to join me in the first live Weekly Cash Challenge. 

Life isn’t meant to be spent with late-night scrolling online constantly adding items to your cart, removing items, adding back items, ordering, and returning. You can opt-out of this toxic addiction and gain control of your spending!

If you’re tired of emotional spending online, then this challenge is for you! Download your Weekly Cash Challenge planner and follow @bestmoneyclassever for tips to transform your spending over the next three weeks. 

weekly cash challenge
Wait, What Exactly is the Weekly Cash Challenge?
Your challenge is to take a set amount of cash each week for your day-to day-purchases like food, gas for your car, small gifts, clothes, and entertainment to make it last for the week. I get $120 a week on Friday’s from my bank’s ATM and when the cash is gone for the week, it’s gone!
The Weekly Cash Challenge will put a hard stop to your emotional online spending!  
Start the challenge with me this Friday, by taking out a set amount of cash for your day-to-day purchases (and no emotional online spending)! 
Watch and follow along @bestmoneyclassever, you’ll see how I pace my spending with weekly cash.  I’ll be going live on FB and IG at 12:45 central Monday- Friday. Use #weeklycashchallenge to share your progress throughout the challenge and ask me your questions. 
You’ll see a money diary @bestmoneyclassever also on TikTok to follow along as I take out a set $120 cash and make it last for the week! Join along, and share Weekly Cash Challenge with your friends! 

Let’s do this! You can transform your spending over the next three weeks with the #weeklycashchallenge.

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