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3 Weight Loss Tips That’ll Help You Get out of Debt

Weight Loss Tips Get out of Debt

Getting out of debt is like hitting the gym to get in shape.  Want to lose weight? Eat less calories and exercise more. Want to get out of debt? Spend less and make more.

Here are three amazingly simple weight loss tips you can use to also get out of debt.

1. Keep a Busy Schedule

People eat because they’re bored. WikiHow recommends come up with a list of other activities, hobbies, or interests that offer options of things to do other than sit in front of the television and snack. For example, you can pick an organization to volunteer with, be involved church activities, or something simple like organizing your closet.  

This weight loss tip can help you to get out of debt because you’ll have less time or temptations to go on mini-shopping sprees. You can find something that you’re passionate about that you can also bring in an extra income with to pay down towards debt. For example, do you love dogs? Start dog walking with

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2. Drink Water

Water is recommended for weight loss for obvious reasons: zero calories. Drinking water before meals also helps you to not mistake dehydration with being hungry. You think you’re hungry, but your body is just thirsty.

According to Dr. Oz, 53 million Americans drink at least one soda a day. This costs $70 billion a year. When purchasing groceries, you’0ll spend significantly less over a year’s time if you drink primarily filtered tap water versus buying sodas, tea, or beer.  Also, if you’re spending money on a social event like going to a sports game, concert, or restaurant, drinking water makes the event more cost efficient. .Wisebread estimated drinking water can save you $977 a year. You can use that money to pay off debt.

3. Share

The food portion size at restaurants have substantially increased. You can limit your food intake by splitting meals. Instead of vowing to never eat desserts (totally not attainable!) a good option instead would be to split a dessert.

Use this weight loss tip to get out of debt. Splitting meals at restaurants automatically cuts your bill in half. Take the share mentality further than food. Instead of paying for new furniture, dishes, appliances, etc. opt to find hand-me-downs instead from people you know. Another way to free up cash to pay down debt is to have a roommate.  Your rent will dramatically decrease, and you’ll spend less on utilities and services like the internet.

Both getting out of debt and losing weight are all about lifestyle choices. They both take time, discipline, and community. Use those three weight loss tips to get out of debt.

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