start again financial resilience webinar

You’re invited to the Start Again Financial Resilience Webinar

Break through isolation, take back your year, and never ever give up. Join me Thursday, June 25 to grab a drink at home for live music and panelists with the Start Again Financial Resilience Webinar.

It’s a free virtual live event you’ll love attending!

Do you wish you had a “do-over” for the year? Are you unsure of how to move forward during this time of crisis? Do you feel helpless, speechless, and overwhelmed? This webinar is designed to help you break through isolation and handle financial stress. It’s also a chance to directly address racial equality.

Start Again Financial Resilience Webinar is for you if you need:

  • A fresh start and new beginning
  • Motivation to move forward
  • Accountability to reach your financial dreams
  • Community: AKA interaction with other humans

Panelists You’ll Hear From:

  • Newlyweds Jessica and Matthias Breal will share how they paid off $61,000 in 20 months. Learn how they overcame paralysis analysis and indecision to finally pay off debt for good.
  • Lisa Chandler is the President of LIFE at LEMIT, an organization that develops polices with issues like racial profiling. Lisa will discuss her personal experience with racial inequality.
  • Julia Marie Hogan is a counselor, self-Care expert, and author of “It’s Ok to Start with You.” She’ll answer questions on depression, anxiety, stress, and giving authentic love by active listening.
  • Britni Rachael is a marketing manager. She lost her job due to COVID-19 layoffs and found a new job in nine days. She’ll discuss job search tips and dealing with the stress of layoffs.
  • Darlene Templeton is a life coach and creator of Amazing Women’s Alliance. She’ll discuss how to be intentional in times of chaos.

Mark your calendar to join the conversation and watch us live. Live attendees will be entered to win a money coaching session that gets results!

The event is free to attend, but you do need to register. Register here today.

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