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Jaw Dropping Debt Stats (Average Debt in America!)

average debt in american
What’s the average debt in America?? You won’t believe how much American’s owe! The horrifying average debt numbers had me twitching and dancing ALL over the place! If you think you’re alone in the struggle with debt, then tune in for current debt stats and trends with credit cards, student loans, and auto loans.

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Average debt in America

Credit card debt’s the worst kind of debt with high interest! According to The Federal Reserve, credit card debt increased 10.1% in February 2021 to $974 billion (in revolving, unpaid debt). The scary part is 52% of Americans, aren’t able to pay their balance in full. NerdWallet reported the average credit card debt per household is $7,149.
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What’s the cost of credit card debt? 

Even with a low-interest rate pandemic economy, the average credit card interest rate is still 15.91%. Assuming someone has the average credit card debt of $7,149 with 15.91% interest, by paying only the minimum payment, it’ll take over 30 years to pay off the debt with $12,839 going to interest.

NerdWallet also reported more than a quarter of credit card users pay late fees, (which add up to three billion spent in fees!). Delinquent credit cards, users 90 days or more late, have increased by 22% over the last four years. 

If you think making more money is your solution to paying off credit card debt, you’re wrong! On average, the higher the household income, the higher credit card debt is (even for people who make almost $300,000 a year).

Credit card debt by income level 

Median Income







Credit Card Debt







% with Debt







It isn’t what you make, it’s what you do with what you have now!

In addition to credit card debt, car and student loan debt has escalated.

According to The Federal Reserve, Americans owe $1.37 trillion in auto loans, with an average balance of $28,035. Student loans take the lead with $1.56 trillion in outstanding debt and an average balance of $57,520.

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