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Black Lives Matter

black lives matter

I don’t have the right words to speak on racial injustice and police brutality towards black Americans. My hope is these imperfect words versus silence, will serve to acknowledge racism exists, it’s a problem, and systematic change must occur.

Black lives matter and I fully support the pursuit of racial equality.

To strengthen my commitment in the Black Lives Matter movement I’m currently seeking out panelists to address discrimination in the upcoming Start Again Financial Resilience Webinar.

Simply saying, “I’m not a racist,” isn’t enough.

It’s time to gather tools and become educated on how to actively participate in standing firm against racism. I want to advocate and support Anti-Racism. To glaze over the issues of racial injustice is gaslighting, minimizing, and denying the reality that people are judged by the color of their skin. This is toxic, abusive, and needs to end.

The idea for the upcoming Start Again Financial Resilience Webinar was to address isolation and financial stress with the pandemic. It’s time to start again with racial injustice. 

Again, I don’t have answers or the right words to speak on this.

I’ll use the tiny, but mighty platform I have to have an open conversation about police brutality and racism by bringing in panelists who can speak on this.

Please let me know what questions are on your mind on how to actively be anti-racist or fight for equality to address in the panel discussion. Also, this morning I’m interviewing a counselor and mental health professional. If you have questions about mental health with regards to discrimination, trauma, or depression, please let me know also by commenting on this post..

As Martin Luther King said, “In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies but the silence of our friends.”

Let’s have an uncomfortable conversation and speak directly towards the tragic loss of George Floyd and racism today.

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