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How to Find Money to Save for an Emergency Fund

find money save to save for an emergency fund

Confused why you have no savings? Is your bank account never where you want it to be? Do you make a decent income, but have nothing to show for it and live paycheck to paycheck? Maybe your financial life is like the 1980’s pop song, Total Eclipse of the Heart. You’re constantly feeling like, “Every now and then I get a little bit nervous that the best of all the years have gone by… every now and then I fall apart!”

Your current financial situation isn’t your final destination. You can turn things around, bright eye!

Watch the video to learn a game-changing trick to find money to save for an emergency fund.

  • 29 – I bust out singing Total Eclipse of the Heart
  • 2:55- How you can save for an emergency fund (a lot faster than you think!)
  • 3:57- An real example of someone finding over $1,000 a month to save

This is the part of a series called, How to Make Yourself Recession-Proof (AKA Stop Unexpected Expenses or Unemployment From Coming in Like a Wrecking Ball).

To catch ya up on the How to Make Yourself Recession-Proof series:

Video 1: If you’re tired of the stress from expenses constantly poppin up, here’s best way to pay for unexpected expenses.

Video 2: Want to find out exactly how much you should save for an emergency fund? Here’s a simple three-step process to find out your emergency fund number (it’s like a sleep number, but an amount just for you to sleep better at night!).

Stay tuned! A new free series coming out called How to Get Focused and Organized with your Money + Life. Some of my best tips from when I do money coaching, I’m gonna share with you, for free!


I want to hear from you! What challenges have you had when it comes to finding money to save for an emergency fund? Let me know in the comments below. If you liked this video, be sure and like it and share it with your friends. Let’s get social (because well, isolation sucks!). Come say hi online. Best Money Class Ever is on Facebook and Instagram. I’m brand new to Instagram, I’d really appreciate your follow.

Managing money isn’t about money, it’s about managing your life. Become Chief Financial Officer to run the business of you. You only live once. Be smart with your money now.

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