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How to Get Focused & Organized with Your Money + Life

how to get focused and organized with your money and life

Alright, alright, alright! Next year is gonna be the year you:

Manage your money like a boss.

Conquer debt.

Invest like a pro.

Travel the world.

Start a business.

Yes. Yes. And Yes.


how to get focused and organized with your money and life

Dang. It. What’s holding you back financially? How in the world can you finally get focused and organized with your money plus life?

The struggle to stay focused is real! Distractions, failures, and challenges are a beast to handle. You don’t have to figure this money stuff out on your own! That’s why I took the best of the best of my top money tips from my 4-week class, Best Money Class Ever and created How to Get Focused & Organized with your Money + Life.

What exactly is this? It is an online mini-class with a 1-hour coaching session😊. You’ll learn a ton, be challenged to act, and we’ll work together!

What will you learn?

You’ll get a step-by-step plan on how to:

  • Start investing confidently
  • Get out of debt
  • Save for emergencies
  • Plan for the fun things in life like buying a home or car
  • How to define financial independence
  • Become Chief Financial Officer run the business of you by filling in your own financial statements (I freakin’ love financial statements!)
  • Bonus videos:
    • A Brilliant System to Managing Money Day-to-Day
    • How to Save Thousands of Dollars a Year on Groceries

What comes with the mini-class and 1-hour coaching?

  • Four modules with video lessons
  • A downloadable workbook with my best money tips
  • Financial (day) Planner. This is a financial plan and day planner in one spreadsheet
  • 1-hour coaching session by phone or Skype
  • Executive Summary, a downloadable workbook with a recap of your money coaching session

Pretty sweet, right? I’d love to join forces with you to help you get focused and organized with your money + life. Let’s do this!  Get the details here.

Carly Michelle Best Money Class Ever

Hi! I'm Carly

I’m a Finance grad, creator of Best Money Class Ever and money coach. I paid off $35,000 of debt and saved a nest egg of over $100,000 by age 26 (earning only around the median household income!).

Here you’ll learn how to say bye, bye, bye to debt, build savings, and stress less about money.

Where do you start with money?

Download The Ultimate Guide to Managing Money here or click the button below. It’s a step-by-step plan to get out of debt, invest, save for emergencies, and buy a home. You can also get a 15-minute intro coaching call with Carly!

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