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How to Stop Emotional Spending

How much did you spend last week? If you’re emotionally spending (cuz well, pandemic life), then here’s how to stop emotional spending with the #weeklycashchalllenge.

What is the Weekly Cash Challenge?

The challenge is to take out a set amount of cash and make it last for the entire week! I call this Weekly Cash! Once you commit to it for at least three weeks, you’ll notice a MASSIVE difference in your emotional spending. 

When the cash is gone, it’s gone! You ditch online emotional spending altogether and stop wasting money on take-out and fast food. 

$108. That’s how much I spent last week (for ALL my food, a sweater, AND new running shoes!).

See my weekly spending in 14 seconds here on Tiktok. Or watch below.

How You Can Start the Weekly Cash Challenge

Get a set amount of cash and make it last for the week! Use the Weekly Cash downloadable planner to map out what’s going on in your life in the upcoming week that will cost money!

weekly cash challenge

I’ve documented where my money went (like a money diary)! on FB and IG live Monday- Friday at 12:45 p.m. central. Hop in and say hi during your lunch break. You can ask me your money questions! Watch and see below exactly how the challenge works.

How to Stop Emotional Spending with the Weekly Cash Challenge

 Flash your cash and tag @bestmoneyclassever with #weeklycashchallenge. Let’s work together to transform your spending over the next three weeks. 
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