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Last-Minute Ways to Celebrate Halloween

Last-Minute Ways to Celebrate Halloween

October 31st is creeping up and Halloween is hands-down one of my favorite holidays. It’s the one day, you can be anything on this planet that you want to be, and consume lots of candy.

You can be Audrey Hepburn, a Ninja Turtle, or Cupid (yes, I’ve been all of these)- AND let your sweet tooth have a field day. I love peanut butter kisses in the orange and black wrapper!

Talk about a win-win.

The problem? If you’re like me, life gets busy and it is easy to approach Halloween with zero actual plans.   

Plus, Americans spend about $8.4 billion on Halloween, or about $83 dollars a person. Here are some blogs for inspiration on mastering the art of being social and being good with money:

If you want to celebrate Halloween this year, don’t freight.

Here are nine last minute ways to celebrate Halloween. 

1. Watch scary movies

What better time to watch a scary movie, then on Halloween, or leading up to Halloween? Here’s a list from Time of the best movies to watch on Halloween.

2. Hand out candy

Instead of throwing a big party, chill at home and pass out candy for trick-or-treaters. Popsugar did a massive price comparison on where to find the cheapest candy.

3. Carve pumpkins

Pumpkins only cost a few dollars and you can carve them with tools around the house. Instead of buying a pumpkin carving kit, you can use a bread or serrated knife. Here’s a refresher on how to carve pumpkins

5. Toast pumpkin seeds

This is my FAVORITE Halloween tradition, because I love a good salty treat. When you carve pumpkins, separate out the seeds, rinse em’, and let them dry. Preheat your oven to 300 and toss seeds with olive oil, and salt. Or try something new with these 16 pumpkin seed recipes (garlic parmesan looks amazing!). 

6. Make s’mores

Grab a hanger and stick a marshmallow in to roast over a fire. If you don’t have a fireplace or outdoor firepit available, here’s how to make s’mores without a fire

7. Make a costume

Get creative and make a costume with items you mostly already have around the house. I made a costume as Cat in the Hat with items around the house, I only had the buy the cat’s tail. Here’s my three steps to a DIY costume that rocks.  

8. Bake pumpkin-flavored something

Everyone goes crazy over pumpkin spiced lattes, you can make your own at home with this recipe, or make something sweet that is pumpkin flavored from this list of 50 + easy dessert pumpkin recipes.

9. Post Halloween shopping

If you’re not feeling it this year to celebrate Halloween, or you’re too busy then take advantage of after Halloween clearances. Come November 1st you can get candy, decorations, costumes, and even pumpkins deeply discounted (80% off!).  

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