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My Favorite Mantra and Mindset with Money

money mantra and mindset

Brrr, it’s been frigidly cold! Luck would have it, the night that it was expected to drop below freezing my heater wasn’t working on my RV. GRREAT.

Yes, I whole-heartedly believe in the power of positivity, but I’m damn well positive things in your life won’t always go as planned.

The mindset of “If you can believe it, you can achieve it,” didn’t keep me warm at night when it’s freezing without a working heater.

Just because you want something, it doesn’t mean you’ll magically get it.

It is uber important to have a vision for your life. However, for me life goes off course from my vision on the regular and I can’t help but feel defeated! On the flip side, I do admit there’s some truth in The Law of Attraction or the “believe it, and achieve it” mentality.

Instead of beating myself up for bumps along the way in my journey, here’s the money mantra and mindset that I live by, especially when you want to give up on your vision.

Become Chief Financial Officer; start running the business of you to manage your money like a boss.

What I love about this mantra and mindset is that it offers no guarantees. Becoming CFO doesn’t mean you’re gonna overnight become a millionaire or retire by 35. Instead, it means that you’re simply taking responsibility, ownership, and control of your financial situation in areas that you can control. This also means acknowledging that you’re not a fortune teller or soothsayer that can predict the future. There are things in life you can’t control (AKA other people or heaters that stop working!).

CFO’s are responsible and held accountable for the financial well-being of a company.

They do financial analysis, forecasts, and budgets for companies. However, no matter how analytical and smart a CFO is, they can’t fully control the businesses sales, the economy, and unforeseen conflicts. If (and when!) crisis strikes, they adjust, realign, and move forward. Their vision isn’t always the reality and they are forced to roll with the punches the best they know how.

How exactly can you become CFO and manage your money like a boss?

No matter what your day job is: an engineer, or artist, every single day you manage money. From purchasing breakfast, to the birthday parties, or an unexpected trip to the emergency room, money matters.

The bitter truth is that most of life is utterly out of your control. As CFO, you can control the controllables and take your POWER back!

For example, right now, most likely your money decides:

  • Whether or not you go on a much-needed vacation.
  • What neighborhood you live in.
  • Your social life from the fancy pants brunches to axe throwing with the friends.
  • Your stress and anxiety level.

And the list could go on and on.

Become Chief Financial Officer is a mantra and mindset that money doesn’t have to control you! You can control it.

Here’s examples of controlling the controllables:

  • You can’t control if you get laid off, but you can control having a side hustle while you get back on your feet to find full-time work again.
  • You can’t control if you have medical bills pilling on, but you can control planning in advance for emergencies by having a 3-12-month emergency fund. Here’s my guide on emergency funds.
  • You can’t control the student loan crisis, but you can control how much extra you pay monthly towards your debt

See what I mean? As CFO, have your vision maps, positive thoughts, and your game face. If your vision doesn’t come to fruition in the time frame you intended get back up, go to the white board, and proactively respond to whatever problems come your way.

My solution at 11:00 pm with freezing weather after tinkering around with the propane tank, looking on YouTube, checking out the manual, and still having no heater was to bundle up for the night and call a service person in the morning. Only $50 later a rep came out and did his magic. Boom I have heat again!

When you feel like giving up, hang in there and remember my favorite mantra and mindset with money. Become Chief Financial Officer and manage your money like a boss!

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