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One Thing I Always Procrastinate On (That Will Help Your Finances!)

One Thing I Always Procrastinate On

Do you wait to the last minute to do things? Got something on your to-do list, but you’ve been dragging your feet? Normally psychologists say that procrastination is a bad habit that is linked to self-guilt, perfectionism, and fear of failure. Yes, I’ve come to terms that perfectionism isn’t healthy!

I’m generally a planner, and don’t like waiting until the last minute to get things done. There’s one thing I always procrastinate on.  It will help your finances. Procrastination can help you manage money, invest more, or get out of debt.

Here’s one thing I always procrastinate on that can help your finances.

I procrastinate on buying stuff! In other words, I’m the anti-shop-a-holic and procrastinate or wait on making purchases.

How I procrastinate on buying stuff.

Procrastination is something that comes oh-so natural to all of mankind. To know what you need to do, but wait to the very last minute. I wait until it is absolutely necessary to make a purchase. Not sure what exactly I mean?

For example, my running shoes had sizeable holes. Now these are shoes that I wear all the time for morning runs. I noticed the holes a while ago. Even before the holes, I knew that it was time to get a new pair, but I procrastinated. I waited.

My habit of procrastinating buying new things is my favorite way to go green. Instead of tossing an item that is practically new, I use whatever I have as long as I possibly can.  I have the same mindset as someone from the Great Depression.

During the Great Depression, the saying was, “Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.”

People didn’t talk about buying local. Throughout the Great Depression everyone used what they already had for as long as they possibly could.  And there was virtue in that.

Life doesn’t have to be expensive. If something pops up (…think the next iPhone) you don’t have to toss your perfectly functioning phone just because something newer is out. Or if something legitimately is worn out keep using it for as long as you possible can, then hustle to find a deal on your purchase. Here’s what I did when my phone died and still under my contract.

Start procrastinating with money and wait to buy new things.

I’m ecstatic that using what you have is slllllooowwwly starting to be trendy. Now-a-days kids call it Upcycling (the re-purposing of old items). Here’s 25 ways to upcyle your old stuff from HGTV.

Why buy something unless you absolutely need to? Procrastinating isn’t all that bad, when it comes to good ol’ pocketbook.

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