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RV Dinette Remodel Fails! (DIY Pandemic Projects Gone Wrong!)

rv diy remodel

Are you attempting DIY pandemic projects? With time at home you can finally tackle DIY projects with ease, right? WRONG!

If you’re like me, pandemic projects don’t go as planned. Do you underestimate the amount of work and overestimate your natural abilities to reno like Chip and Joanna? Then this video is for you!

I currently live full-time in an RV and am remodeling my outdated RV dinette (think retro 80ies style booth). This DIY RV remodel project takes the phrase, “nailed it,” to ANOTHER LEVEL. (Seriously, I had massive issues upcycling the booth and dealing with nails!). Watch to the end to see the RV DIY dinette remodel fails (and eventual transformation!) from ugly cushions to tufted headboards with fancy pants geometric paneling.

Check out my RV Dinette Remodel Fails (DIY Pandemic Projects Gone Wrong!)

Watch the RV remodel fails here or click the video below.

Watch to the end to see:

  • My RV dinette before pic (…think 80ies retro style booth)
  • How I upcycled my booth (and nailed it!)
  • My transformation of ugly cushions to a DIY tufted headboard
  • New fancy pants geometric paneling for the dinette

You can find out why I decided to live full-time in an RV here. Also, check out how I sold everything I had to live tiny and travel, and watch my first DIY project of demolishing my RV bunk beds and building a closet.

What DIY projects are you tackling during the pandemic? Are you experiencing remodeling fails too? Let me know in the comments.

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