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Six Summer Traveling Hacks to Save Money

summer traveling hacks to save money

Summer is here! As much fun as it is to travel, it can get stressful planning for how to pay for your next trip.  Don’t stress. You don’t have to spend an arm and leg on traveling.

Here are six summer traveling hacks to save money.

1. Flights

Use sites like Kayak, Cheapair, Expedia, and Priceline to compare prices on all airlines. Booking far in advance isn’t a guarantee to find the best prices. You can get great deals by being flexible with when you leave and there are last minute deals if the airlines aren’t booked on flights. You’ll save the most when you fly on the least popular dates like Tuesday or Wednesday. Always select “Flexible Dates!”

2. Other Transportation

Look for cities that are walkable and have great public transportation available to take a bus or train. If you will need a car, instead of booking a car rental for the entire trip, just book a couple of rides with Uber or Lyft. Or when booking a rental car, you’ll get the best deal if you book the car with your flight and ahead of time.

3. Hotel and Accommodations

Consider staying in a hostel to save the most. You don’t have to go to Europe to find hostels, they’re in almost all big cities in the US too! My favorite site is hostelworld.com that shows hostels starting at $20 a night. You can have a shared dorm or a private room.

If you book with a tour group, you can save by sharing a room with someone on the same tour. Of course, there are sites like Airbnb and HomeAway that are less than hotels (usually). Put your place up for rent while you are gone to help pay for your trip.

4. Food and Drinks

Yes, part of traveling is experiencing great food, but eating out gets expensive fast! You can save by purchasing groceries at a local store and having food like bagels, frozen popcorn shrimp, chicken tenders, salads, sandwiches, wine, etc. that are easy to prepare with a small kitchenette.

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5. Site Seeing

All the money saving tools you use at home, don’t forget to use while you’re traveling! Check out sites like Groupon to get deals on excursions. Research the city ahead of time to find free museums, hiking trails, and fun things to do!

6. Chill Out

The purpose of a vacation is to get away and recharge! Whatever it is that you’d like to do in your free time at home, but you never get to, a vacation is the perfect time. Hit up Half-Priced books or the library to get some good books to read and chill out. Get an adult coloring book, or binge watch a series that you’ve been meaning to.  My favorite way to chill out in the summer is to just lay out by a pool!

Try these six traveling hacks to save money this summer!

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