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Best Money Class Ever Four Money Challenges for 2021!

best money class ever money challenges

What are the four money challenges for 2021 with Best Money Class Ever? Find out below!

But first, a quick reminder, if you haven’t enrolled yet, enroll here or click the button below by December 23rd to get 20% off with coupon code: earlyenroll

If you’re like me, you’re emotionally exhausted and running on an empty tank.

It’s been a challenging year. Unfortunately, I got word that my Grandma passed away in her sleep this week at age 90 (here’s my tribute to her life and legacy).

This year hasn’t turned out as anyone anticipated. In a word, I’d describe this year as: challenging. There are many moments of wanting to give up or throw in the towel.

One legacy my Italian Grandmother passed on is to face challenges head on. Challenge is defined as: to confront or defy boldly.

Managing money isn’t easy; it’s challenging.

Best Money Class Ever, is my signature live, virtual, 4-week personal finance class. Each week there’s a lesson with a money challenge. You’ll learn a ton and be challenged to act and apply what you learn.

The class will be live weekly on Wednesday nights starting January 6th from 7-9 p.m. central. The last 30 minutes will be reserved for Q&A and in class time working on your challenge. Or you can view the recording later. The last week of the class, you can schedule your private 1:1 money coaching session with me!

Here’s The Best Money Class Ever Four Money Challenges (and preview of what you’ll learn each week).

Challenge 1: Become Chief Financial Officer (and Manage Your Money Like a Boss!)

January 6th


No matter what your day job is, an engineer or artist, every single day you manage money. From purchasing breakfast, to the roof over your head, and everything in between- the birthday parties, or an unexpected trip to the ER money matters.

You’ll learn: 

  • The true definition of financial independence – it has nothing to do with your income
  • How to manage your money as CFO, like the Fortune 500 (billion-dollar companies!) do with financial statements
  • Get a snapshot of exactly where you stand with your money now
  • Discover the most important question you need to ask yourself before spending another dime
  • Use a new system to categorize expenses to feel #organized, and how to project your income

Challenge 2: Get out of Debt

January 13th


No payments? Just imagine. Student loans, credit cards, and car payments, oh my! Easily a third or more of your income can go out the door to pay off what you owe. Then there’s thousands of dollars that go down the drain to pay the interest. Owing thousands of dollars in debt makes life stressful. It’s possible to live without monthly debt payments.

You’ll learn:

  • Eight debt myths that keep you stuck in debt
  • Three simple steps to get and stay out of debt
  • Epic ways to cut expenses or increase your revenue as CFO
  • Find out exactly when you’ll be debt-free with an a-mazing debt calculator

Challenge 3: Live within Your Means

January 20th


Culturally we want it all and we wanted it yesterday. On any given day you can scroll through social media and see someone relaxing at spa, buying a home, or on some exotic trip. Their life seems so much cooler than yours. How can they even afford to do it all?

This challenge is about living within your means (and to stop keeping up with the Kardashians!) After all most reality stars end up broke.

You’ll learn:

  • Six tips to live within your means
  • A sneak-peak at how reality stars manage their money versus an actual millionaire
  • How to get out of the “every month expenses just pop-up” cycle
  • The little-known secret to staying accountable with money, motivated by Justin Timberlake
  • Must-use numbers and ratios to determine the total maximum value of home to purchase (*hint* it is not remotely close to the online calculator estimates)
  • How to drive a car you love, but for 25-40% off

Challenge 4: Start Investing (Confidently!)

January 27th

The idea of seeing your hard-earned dollars grow is exciting, but understanding investing is like a foreign language. What do all those terms mean? You don’t need a degree in Finance to understand it all. We’ll breakdown the complex world of investing in layman’s terms.

You’ll learn: 

  • The step-by-step process to invest like a pro
  • How to select a portfolio that performs better and earns more interest than a portfolio selected by financial analyst
  • Two investing strategies that will help your investment stay strong, even during recessions
  • Master the tax benefits with investing and know the numbers- how much you can invest in each type of retirement account
  • Investing tips that you won’t find in Wall Street Journal, but they’re vital

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