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The Best Budgeting Hack to Stop Emotional Online Spending

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Do you want to stop emotional online spending? You know you can’t fill a void late-night online adding items to your cart, but how do you stop impulsive spending? The best budgeting hack to stop emotional spending is weekly cash! Hands down it’s the easiest way to avoid impulse buys and spend in line with your values (versus fleeting emotions).

Continue reading to find out exactly what weekly cash is and why it’s the best budgeting hack to stop emotional online spending.

First, a little story. Last week I only had two dollars to last me through to Friday (and it was only Monday).

… well, not exactly. I only had two dollars left in my wallet.

I have over a years’ worth of expenses in the bank for a rainy day, WAY more than a 20% down payment saved for a house, and my retirement account’s projected to be $2.5 million by age 65 (even if I never add a dime!).

Yet here I was this week with only two dollars left in my wallet. Two dollars can’t buy squat these days. I mean we’re facing massive inflation this summer!

How in the world do you think I was able to save so much?

Two words: weekly cash!  I paced my spending on insignificant purchases to enable me to save money to have a secure future and to travel. By the way, I’m heading out on a massive RV roadtrip. I live full-time in a RV, but I’ve been stationary for over a year and a half. Follow along my latest travel journey @bestmoneyclassever on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.

Weekly Cash is the Best Budgeting Hack to Stop Emotional Spending

In a nutshell, weekly cash is when you take a set amount of cash from your ATM and then make it last for the week to purchase your day-to-day expenses. It’s the best budget hack to stop emotional spending, because you can’t make online purchases with cash!

You put a hard stop to any online purchases! Instead, you have a set amount of cash in your wallet for groceries, gas, take-out, happy hours, new clothes, etc. There’s nothing complicated about it!

If the cash is in your wallet, you buy it! If not, you’re done spending for the week! The hard part is when you’re so used to swiping a card to buy whatever you want, whenever you want it.

Budgeting Hack to Stop Emotional Online Spending

Why spend with cash versus a card?

When I was getting out of debt, all of the personal finance gurus said the best way to get control of your money is to use cash for day-to-day purchases and areas that people tend to overspend: food and entertainment.  

I thought, hmmm, if they’re all saying this, I ought to try it!

Different experts have different ways of using cash: some say put a set amount of cash in jars, like a set cash for groceries, eating out, clothing, gas- all in different jars, or other experts say to put cash in envelopes. I put a set amount of cash in my wallet (for me it’s $120 a week!).

For over a decade, like clockwork on Friday’s I withdrawal $120 from my banks ATM. I get my necessities first, or what I call operating expenses like groceries and gas for my car. Then whatever else is left is for random runs to Ross to buy a shirt, eating out with a friend, or a happy hour.

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You can opt-out of emotional spending and toxic addiction to Amazon (Jeff doesn’t need any more of your money)! Gain control of your spending with weekly cash. Weekly cash is too legit, too legit to quit. Yes, I lived through the 90ies. MC Hammer is right, some things in life are too legit to quit. Weekly Cash is one of them. Try it out and let me know how it goes!

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