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How to Conquer Your Quarter Life Crisis with Kali Rogers

Conquer Your Quarter Life Crisis Kali Rogers

Imagine after graduation applying to 200 jobs, repeat: 200 jobs, with no job offers. Then resorting to waiting tables through graduate school to get your master’s degree in counseling, all while living at home. 

Meet twenty-something, Kali Rogers, she’s been there and done that when it comes to quarter-life crises. Now she’s the CEO of Blush, an online life coach company, and author of Conquering Your Quarter Life Crisis.

Boy did she conquer her quarter-life crisis.

Kali’s now changing the face of counseling. No longer is there anything taboo about talking things out. Her online coaching company Blush combines her counseling know-how, with a progressive online platform. She’s been featured on Fast Company, MTV News, Elite Daily, and more. 

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Kali Rogers drops some major truth bombs on how to conquer your quarter-life crisis.

She points out the surefire signs that you’re experiencing a quarter-life crisis. Here’s a few of them.

Do you find yourself getting anxious as you scroll through Facebook? Hate Sundays? Do you constantly ‘should’ yourself?

You know the drill… your thoughts constantly go like this:

“I should be married, have a better job, make more money, and be happy.”

Welp, those are all symptoms and signs that you’re experiencing a quarter-life crisis.

Which are the same thoughts and feelings that happen in mid-life crises, but now they’re just happening earlier.

 “We are constantly exposed to creative ways of how to live in your 20s,” says Kali.

On any given day with social media you’ll see one friend closing on a house, another announcing they’re pregnant, and another quitting their job to start a business.

High school reunions used to be the only way to stay in touch with more than your handful of close friends. “No other generation is so overexposed of what everyone else is doing so well,” said Kali.

Then we can’t help but compare ourselves to our parents who had stable jobs, a house, marriage, and two kids by age 26.

We’re more educated than any other generation with expensive degrees and there’s crazy competition for entry level jobs.

“If you add $20,000 credit card debt, that is the cherry on top… finances go hand in hand with quarter-life crises. It’s a blaring reminder that your life is out of control,” she says. You can feel as though, “I am drowning in my emotion and in debt.”

Anxiety comes from wondering, where’s your life heading?

To get over killer expectations for your life, Kali encourages people to give themselves permission to fail.

“You aren’t going to hit it out of the park the first time. Success comes from trial and error,” she says. “Become friends with good enough and realize that nothing ever will be perfect. You can’t let perfection paralyze you… falling on your face isn’t falling on your face, it’s more like stubbing your toe.” 

The mantra for Blush is: “Life can be mean. Let’s talk behind it’s back.”

True that.

As a coach she gives people hope, direction, and encouragement. God bless her and her work. Seriously. Conquer your quarter life crisis with Kali Rogers, check out more tips in her book here.

P.S. Working out is cool, right? Wellness, self-care, and mindfulness is IN right now. If you feel anxious or depressed get counseling and take care of yourself!

Photo of Kali Rogers by Jason Flynn.

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