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2 Tips if You Feel Like You Have No Direction in Life

tips if you feel like you have no direction in life

Do you feel lost, stuck, or not quite sure what direction to go in life? Now more than ever it seems like we all must have a mega big life purpose, or passion, but what do you do if you have no clue what you want to do?

There’s a lot of areas you can feel stuck- it can be with your career, money, or relationships.

Here are two tips if you feel like you have no direction in life.

1. Tap Your Manna

Ok I couldn’t resist a little Old Testament turned slang reference from the Urban Dictionary: Tap Your Manna.

Here’s what this phrase means.

The Israelites wandered the desert for 40 years! Repeat: 40 years. If you are having a period in your life where you feel lost, it’s ok. Everyone struggles and gets stuck from time to time. When you feel lost, do as the Israelites did and get your daily manna.

The Israelites were waiting to find the Promise Land, but instead they faced harsh conditions and food was scarce. The manna, or bread, miraculously appeared each morning and it was just enough food for the day. If they attempted to gather extra manna to store for the unknown future, it would rot the next day.

Get your manna by making use of resources available to you now. What is that little thing that you have, but you are storing up for some other day?

During times of feeling lost, use resources now that are available to you today!

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2. Start Acting

In times of feeling lost, it’s easy to spend hours upon hours thinking and thinking of what your next step is. Although you mean well, thinking for hours on end leads to procrastination, fear, and even ignorance. Here’s more on how to stop putting things off.

The Wall Street Journalreported that 40% of graduates are in default, delinquent, or behind on their student loans and completely ignore notices to pay off their loans. Hello. Ignoring any problem won’t make it go away. Just thinking about it, won’t help much either.

With money and life there are a million decisions to make, that can land you into a place full of fear. Often, you’ll experience fear of failure: trying something and it doesn’t work, like applying for a new job that you don’t get. Or there is fear of the unknown, which is having no idea what lies ahead. This can be saying you want to be debt-free, but not really knowing if you can really pay everything off.

To get unstuck, start doing and acting. Action cures fear.

Or in other words, you never know something until you try it. Instead of thinking, “I’m overwhelmed with where I am in life right now,” start acting and take just the next logical step whatever that may be. Examine what exactly you are fearing with Tim Ferris’ method of fear-setting. It’s the reverse of goal setting!

Get unstuck in life. Use those two tips if you feel like you have no direction in life.

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