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What to Do If You Feel Like You’re Failing in Life

Feel Like You're Failing in Life

Feel Like You’re Failing in Life? Or like you’re behind on what you want to achieve? If you’ve been hustling but seem to get nowhere it’s hard.

Maybe this year you wanted to get out of debt, save money, start a business, or even just take a vacation. You didn’t and you feel like you’re failing in life. How do you come to terms with failure, or not reaching the outcomes you wanted?

Again, it’s hard.

Here’s two tips if you feel like you’re failing in life.

1. Define clear outcomes that you want and give yourself permission to extend the deadline.

Set goals; I am a huge fan of having clear, written goals. Many of the things I set out to do, I accomplish, and many things simply did not happen. I view goals as targets. Or in other words, what are you aiming for in life? You might not hit the bullseye, but it’s the direction you’re heading.

If you wanted to start a blog and have your website up by a certain date and that date’s past. You didn’t fail. You simply missed the target deadline and can try again.

2. Realize failure happens to everyone and redefine failure.

One candidate in elections loses. Every Super Bowl: one team wins, another loses. Failure happens every episode of The Bachelorette as a hopeful bachelor doesn’t get a rose.

In an interview with the Business Insider, Sara Blakely, billionaire and founder of Spanx, tells the story of her dad encouraging her to fail. She would come home from school and her dad would ask her, “So, what did you fail at today?”

She would respond by saying that she’d tried out for some club or organization and was horrible. Then her dad would give her a high five. She learned to redefine failure, not as the outcome, but instead failure was not trying.

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Keep trying! Failure isn’t the outcome, it’s whether or not you’re trying. If you feel like you’re failing in life redefine failure and give yourself permission to view your goals as targets where you don’t get the bullseye, but you can try again!

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