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How to Embrace Chaos in Your Financial Life

how to embrace chaos in your financial life

Ever feel like your life is one giant HOT MESS? It might seem like chaos could be your middle name. In your financial life there’s a million expenses that always “pop-up.” The check engine light comes on again for something absurdly expensive for your car. Or you got laid off. Worst yet, maybe you found yourself in the ER and now you’re dealing with medical debt.

Ugh. Financial chaos is inevitable. Life is messy and along with that, finances can be messy too.  

Here’s How to Embrace Chaos in Your Financial Life

It’s Ok to Not Be Ok

Feel like a total failure? Permission granted: feel like a failure! It’s ok, to not be ok after a crisis strikes. Or in other words feel your feelings! Cancer sucks. If you walked around all smiles within minutes of a devastating diagnosis, Houston we have a problem!

There are instances that it’s unhuman or impossible to have it all together. Embrace the chaos by acknowledging that you’re not ok. This will take pressure of yourself to be perfect and accept your reality. Here’s a good pump-up song about the mantra of its ok if you’re not ok.

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2. Stop Overthinking: Action Cures Fear

When financial chaos strikes it’s easy to overthink your situation. You analyze, hypothesize, and think yourself to death. This quickly turns into massive worry and fear that leads to being paralyzed with indecision. For example, if you lost your job, it’s easy to spiral downward into the land of despair. Your mind goes to, “How am I going to afford rent or pay for Christmas?”

Fear creeps in quickly. The dream job, promotion, and pay raise seem out of your reach. You promptly do nothing except continue to waste more time and energy thinking about how horrible your finances are.

Embrace the chaos in your financial life by stop overthinking. You can’t think yourself into getting a new job or think yourself out of debt! You’ve got to do something and act.As the saying goes, action cures fear. The moment you take a simple action, the fear starts fading. The big scary monster of applying for a new job, is a lot less scary once you’ve done it.

3. Go for Progress, Not Perfection

If you’re convinced somethings gotta be perfect, then chances are it won’t get done.

There’s no perfect time to get a side hustle or cut your credit cards to get serious about debt.  You rationalize that you’ll get your finances together once XYZ external things occurs. That could be once you get a promotion, your kids aren’t in daycare anymore, or you finally get your master’s, then you’ll get serious about investing for retirement.

Yeah… right!

Spoiler alert: if you’re not making changes with your money now, you won’t when the “perfect time” comes. Instead start making progress now in the middle of your chaotic of life. If you wait for perfect in your life, then you miss the boat!

Here’s stories of people who stopped waiting for the perfect time to get finances order and just started:

In a nutshell, embrace the chaos in your financial life by accepting that it’s ok that you’re not ok. Stop overthinking and instead of living in fear, take action. Perfect is the enemy of good; go for progress over perfection.

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