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How to Find Epic Work

How to Find Epic Work

Feel unsatisfied with the work you do? You’re not alone. Forbes reported that the majority of Americans- 52% are unhappy at work.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

If post college life didn’t quite pan out as you thought it would, and you dread going to work every single day, then the idea of getting your master’s degree probably crossed your mind. 

Me being the finance gal that I am, encourage the students I work with in Best Money Class Ever to follow your heart, but don’t forget to use your head! I teach before going back to school how to evaluate the return on investment of specific degrees (yes, I geek out on money stuff like ROI!).

Christina Castelli is a consultant turned entrepreneur and she has an even better way of finding epic work.

After working for Accenture in Asia for three years (can we say, uh, awesome!), she founded HelloSolve.

“I really like consulting, advising, pioneering, problem solving, and working with a person to come up with new and interesting ideas,” said Christina.

Instead of consulting with employees of massive corporations, she took her savvy consulting skills to help solve millennials problems with relationships, organizational skills, and work.

We could all use a second pair of eyes to help with our resumes, but she goes beyond that.

She created a process on how to find epic work.

“The concept is simple. If you are unsatisfied with your work, think less about what type of specific field you’d like to be in, like for example hotel management, and instead think more of how you literally want to spend your day,” said Christina.

It can be hard to pinpoint what you’re looking for with work, so she challenges her clients to track tasks that you love or loathe during the work week.

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EPIC is an acronym for Environment, Pay, Impact, and Commitment.

“Put down what you really want. Know what the ideal is, or otherwise you won’t know where your frustrations are coming from,” she said.

Here’s Christina’s process on how to find epic work.


Think of the work environment that you’d like to be in. This means where and how do you want to spend most of your time? Do you like to be on your feet all day (like a Pharmacist), or do you want to sit in a cubicle all day (like an Accountant)?

Think of your environment also in terms of working at home versus commuting every day. Do you envision traveling with work, or is it important for you to stay in the same city?


Write down how much pay you’d like to make to live comfortably the life you envisioned and evaluate if you need a career with no ceiling where your pay increases with your performance.

Maybe pay isn’t that important, but your dream job must include a generous vacation package, so you have time to recharge and see the world.


Does the career you want to pursue align with the impact you’d like to have in the world, or will you have to fill that void with community service projects?


How much time do you want to work? Is an 80-hour work week ok with you, or do you want a 9-5 job?

Christina then helps people, “You either have to fix gaps in current role, or research and move towards a role that doesn’t have those gaps,” she said.

That’s how to find epic work! Good luck.

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