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3 Steps to Improve your Relationship with Money

rImprove you Relationship with Money

Love and relationships are on everyone’s mind with Valentine’s Day! If you feel like you’re “bad with money,” then this is a must-read. You can improve your relationship with money (I believe in you!).

Here Are Three Steps to Improve your Relationship with Money

1. How do you feel about money?

To improve your relationship with money, first pinpoint how you feel about money. All relationships are based on emotions and feelings. Love is an art versus a science. Your relationship with money is no different. 

Do you feel stressed, depressed, uneducated, bad, overwhelmed, stuck, trapped, burnt out, and guilty with money? Money is the leading cause of stress in America according to CBS. Reports show managing money is more stressful than work, health, and other responsibilities. 

Negative emotions can drive your relationship with money.

Managing money is hard AF. When you acknowledge your feelings, you can use them to motivate you to get the results you want. 

2. Define your relationship (with money!)

Once you know how you feel, the next step is to define the relationship you have with money. Romantic relationships get to the point where you need to know, where do you stand? Are you exclusive? Is this heading to marriage? Find out where you stand with your money. This can be a vague idea to most people, but the more you explore exactly where you stand with money, the better. 

The process I teach to see where you stand with money, with Best Money Class Ever, my signature 4-week personal finance class, is to fill in your financial statements (I freakin’ love financial statements!). They’re what Fortune 500 (billion-dollar companies) use to manage money. 

Find out, what is the current value of your retirement account? Do you have a six-month emergency fund? How much do you owe on your student loans or credit cards? Where is your money going each month? What big ticket purchases do you have this year?

This process, just like a DTR convo, is nerve-wrecking, yet oh-so-empowering. You can’t improve your relationship with money, unless you know where you are now.

By the way, next class starts April 6th. You can view the class live or binge watch whenever. When you enroll by March 10th, you can bring a friend for free! Get the details and enroll here.

3. Do the work!

Lastly, and most importantly to improve your relationship with money you need to do the work. All great relationships require work!  I’ve had great results from past students who’ve taken Best Money Class Ever (one couple tripled their net worth in two years!), but it takes work!

For example, if a romantic relationship is struggling, it doesn’t improve on it’s own. You need to work on the relationship. You can go to couple’s counseling, talk to a pastor, go on retreats, read books, communicate, make sacrifices for the other person, compromise, etc. 

If your relationship with money isn’t where you want it to be, you can’t keep doing what you’re doing! You need work on the relationship. With money try something new, make changes, learn, take a class or read a book, have open conversations, get a side hustle, cut expenses, and spend time working on your financial goals! 

Halle-freaking-luah! If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed, burned-out, and anxious with money, you get a second chance! You can have a “do-over’! Your past performance managing money doesn’t have to indicate your future. You can improve your relationship with money with these three steps. 

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