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13 Low Key Things to Do on Your Birthday

Low Key Things to Do on Your Birthday

Birthdays are the perfect excuse to do something fun and celebrate this one and precious life. You want to do something fun, but don’t want to spend a fortune.

Here are thirteen low key things to do on your birthday.

1. Have a Party

A couple weeks prior to your big day organize a get together with friends or family for a dinner out, potluck in, or brunch. Pick your favorite food and enjoy some quality time.

2. Have your Cake and Eat It Too

Bring out your inner baker and give the ol’ mixer a whirl. I recently tried a new chocolate recipe that turned out simply magical. 

Or you can pick up a mean cake even from grocery store bakery.

3. Movie Night in or Out

Catch a good flick that is out in theaters or snuggle up in your pajamas to watch something good at home.

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4. Hit the Outdoors

Go for a hike, tubing, kayaking or a bike ride.

5. LOL

Laugh out loud by going to a comedy show, improv show, or piano bar (these can be incredibly funny).

6. Winery or Brew Tour

Get the behind the scenes look at a winery, microbrewery, or vodka distillery.

7. Have some Childhood Fun

Remember what you used to enjoy as a child? Do that. Think… bowling, laser tag, miniature golf, or a solid round of air hockey.

8. Go Camping

Dust off your camping gear or borrow a tent from someone you know for a night of camping. S’mores: need I say more?

9. Visit Museums or Historic Sites

Check out museums, art exhibits, historic sites, or national parks.

10. It’s Showtime

Find out what live events are happening on your birthday. Whether it’s the rodeo, a concert, a cover band, festival, musical, or play catch a live show.

11. Tell Everyone it’s your Birthday

Trust me on this one, it’s fun. Getting gas? Smile, wave, and say to the person pumping up next “Yep. Today’s my birthday.”  It is hilarious. You’ll smile, they’ll smile, and wish you well.

12. Get Free Stuff

Most companies will give free food, drinks, or desserts for your birthday when you sign up for their email list. Here’s a list of 57 birthday freebies.

13. Dream Big

Either on your birthday or birth month, spend an afternoon at a coffee shop to map out your goals, dreams, and plans for the year.

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Celebrate your life with these thirteen low key things to do on your birthday.

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