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I Stayed in a Tiny House! Here’s What It’s Like

Are you obsessed with watching tiny house tours? How practical is it to live tiny? Here’s my experience of what it’s like to stay in a tiny home

Are you curious what it’s like to stay in a tiny house?

The American dream keeps getting bigger and bigger with the average size of a home in 1950 at 938 square feet, and although family sizes have declined, homes now are on average 2,500 square feet. Americans often have entire rooms that they don’t even step foot in for months at a time.

Youtubers, bloggers, and popular tv shows like Tiny House Nation, and Tiny House Hunters, show that Americans are reversing the big home trend and starting to live large while living small.

I wanted to check out tiny house living first-hand.

And apparently, I’m not the only one who’s curious about it, the number one wished for rental on Airbnb is this adorable tiny treehouse. I’ll give you the play-by-play of what it’s like to stay in a tiny house, but first what’s all the buzz about tiny home living?

In a word: freedom.

Free from clutter, stuff. giant mortgages or expensive rent. There’s location freedom with endless travel opportunities. Instead of grilling out in your backyard for Labor Day, you can grill outside wherever your heart desires, be it the Grand Canyon, or Lake Tahoe.

I stayed at Community First in Austin, a 27-acre master planned community with micro-homes to provide the homeless a place to call home. RVs and tiny houses are available for rent for retreats or anyone who wants a fun night or two away.

My first impression of what it’s like to stay in a tiny house was love at first sight.

Just like all the tiny house tours online, the moment I walked in, everything was so darn adorable.  It had a ‘homey’ feel from the deer antlers mounted on the wall, to the comfy bay window seat. Here’s the tiny house I stayed in.

What It's Like to stay in a tiny house community first village

What’s it really like to stay in a tiny house?

Let’s get practical about how the stay really was.All the amenities you’d want were available. The bathroom had a standard toilet and small shower with a trendy rain showerhead. The dining room table then transformed into a desk, where I wrote this very blog. 

What It's Like to stay in a tiny house community first village

The tiny house had a kitchen with a deep sink (bigger than the one I have!), mid-sized fridge, microwave, and more storage than I imagined possible.

The stairs served as storage space, and lead to the loft, the tiniest part of this house. Although there isn’t room to sit up, I had a great night’s sleep and surprisingly didn’t feel cramped.

My Final Say on Tiny House Living

Tiny house living takes simplicity to the next level.  When living in less than 200 square feet space you relentlessly prioritize what is important and what is not. Everything has a spot and a set purpose.

Tiny home living is minimalism at its finest all the while reducing your environmental footprint. Talk about win-win.

That’s my experience of what it’s like to stay in a tiny house.


I enjoyed living small so much that I ended up buying an RV and live in it full-time😊. Get the full update on this experience here:

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