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How I Had My First RV Demo (lation!) Day

Who said demo days are just for men? NOT ME! I love watching Chip Gaines karate kick through a wall to fix up a house. If a man could do it, by gosh, so can I! I had MY first demo day and LOVED it! Here’s how I had my own demo day on my RV.

Why I Had a Demo Day

I purchased my RV just over two months ago (with cash YAAS!). From the get-go I wanted to transform my 20 X 8 feet trailer into my little slice of heaven on earth. The teeny space can sleep FIVE people which is freakin’ awesome, but entirely unnecessary for me.

My RV has one double size bed and magically the kitchen table turns into a bed (crazytown, right?!). And there are bunk beds! I’m not using my RV for a weekend getaway trip with family, kiddos, or friends. Could you imagine hosting a girl’s trip in my RV: five ladies and one bathroom? Not. Happening. Ever.

I Want to Create a Space Tailored to my Everyday Living

I thought about turning the bunk bed into a reading loft on the top and taking out the bottom bed for a dresser or more storage. One night, I tried sleeping on the top bunk and immediately found that it was a no-go. The bunk bed was not a standard twin size bed; it was super-duper narrow and incredibly uncomfortable.

In such a small space it’s pointless to have a large portion of the space unused with no purpose. Then, I came up with the idea to completely demolish the bunk bed.

My RV bunk bed, pre- demo day!

How I Had My First Demo Day

It’s easy to envision my RV without the bunk bed, but how? The bunk bed wasn’t a separate piece of furniture that I could just move and haul away to Goodwill. Instead it was a fixture 100% attached to the RV itself. Or in other words, it was like mini-walls horizontally attached to the RV. It was unmovable without destroying it!

I just starred and starred at the bunk bed and confirmed, “Yep, this is attached to the wall and not going anywhere. Hmm?!”

I Had no Idea How to Demolish the Bunk Bed/Wall

Do I have experience in construction or home building? Nope. That wasn’t gonna stop me. I believe the best way to get experience is to just do it!

I decided to start my demo and learn as I went. It was just an RV and plywood versus brick or something heavy duty, I knew I’d figure it out.

First, there was a faux wood panel strip outlining the bunk bed. The only “tool” I initially had in my possession was a screwdriver. The drill and a few other tools I had, I got rid of when I left for Hawaii to go on my sabbatical. With my flathead screwdriver I just started prying at the strip and it eventually came off!

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Then there were two pieces of plywood stapled to the top and bottom of a sturdy wooden frame attached to the wall. I took the next best step and pried/tore off both pieces of plywood off the frame.

Let’s do this!

Next, the wooden frame was screwed into the walls of the RV, almost like studs under drywall. The bunk bed had a low voltage light that I needed to unwire. I definitely researched before messing with the wires!

Then, the frame of the bunk bed was unscrewed it still sat midair. WTF?! I tried lifting the frame out and it was stuck. I realized that the corners of the wall had trim above and below the frame that was locking the frame in. Again, my handy screwdriver was used to pry off the trim to remove the frame and lift the frame off! WHEW! Ultimately, I had to cave and buy a mini-saw and drill. Here’s how I changed my budget (guilt-free).

rv demo day

What I’m Doing After Demo Day

With the bunk bed gone, the next project is to paint the entire interior of the RV. I’m going to paint my kitchen cabinets (still debating if I want a white kitchen, or gray?!), the walls, the ceilings, and my bathroom door.

Once everything is painted, I’ll transform the space where the bunk beds were into a wardrobe/closet and a vanity. I’ve always wanted a vanity with a mirror to sit down and do my hair and make-up.

Stay tuned!

Demo Days are Like Life: Try and Try Again

Roadblocks come and situations can seem impossible. Here’s tips on what to do when you feel like giving up on your dreams. As Og Mandino states, “Persist until you succeed!” If you feel stuck in a rut, no situation is truly helpless. There’s always another step to take. Each small step you take into the land of the unknown will crush fear and eventually lead to success.

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