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What the f**k finance
Have you ever just absolutely had it? You’re FEED up with work, finances, or with life in general. All you want to do is go into a closet and scream: WHAT THE F**K?! Yep. I’ve been there and done that. I could write a book on it. Welp, I’m on a sabbatical and guess what my friends?! I’m mother f**ing going to.

That is right…. I’m WRITING A BOOK!!!!!!!!!

Me on a boat! In Hawaii!

I’m about 4,500 words in: only around 50,000 to go. I’ve got this😊. No big deal, right?

If you know me, you know I don’t cuss often. UNLESS, I’m really, really, really mad. It dawned on me that there is a strong purpose for pain, anger, and frustration. The purpose of pain is to wake us up and walk out of the closet after screaming at the top of our lungs, “WHAT THE F**K?!” and get down to business.

Pain shows us that something dramatically in our life is off.

Something is not serving its purpose and necessary changes are to follow.

Without pain, we’d have no speed limits or red lights and we’d live in a world of utter chaos to daily face the threat of dying from cars recklessly driving. We’d keep our hands on the burning hot stovetop.

In the pits of despair where you are surrounded by darkness it is pain that tells you instinctively: this is not good. There must be another way. It is when enduring pain (facing your pain versus numbing the pain), you make unthinkable and incomprehensible progress that leads to goodness.

I’ve personally had the toughest year of my life, which I won’t go into details, but it’s been hard, ya’ll. That pain has led me here on a sabbatical to have some time to recharge, refresh, and travel. I have taken a step back from work.

Of course, after being totally burned out, I landed from my flight for the start of this sabbatical to find that my luggage is still in the ATX at the airport. GRRREAT. Walking around in the same clothes without a toothbrush is EXACTLY what I had in mind. S**t like that DID not happen in Eat, Pray, Love. OMG!

I’ve been on sabbatical for about two months and do finally feel rested (plus I have my luggage!). YAAS, #thankyoujesus! Keep an eye peeled on your inbox for more frequent blog posts. And I’d love to hear from you.

What are your ‘WTF?!’ moments dealing with finance.

Like that moment when you find yourself in the ER for an illness that you’d never imagine YOU’D have! WTF?!

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Or something silly like you’re buying an entire set of furniture with cash/your debit card. And then your card is declined. WTF?! It ended up that your daily spending limit needed to be increased with your bank. Whoops.

Life and money can be funny and painful and full of WTF?! moments. Comment with your WTF?! moments! It may spark in idea for me to include the WTF?! topic in my upcoming BOOK!

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