Simple Ways to Tackle Holiday Blues

Two Simple Ways to Tackle The Holiday Blues

What if right now, you feel like your life sucks! (Real talk). The holidays are a time for parties, hanging out with friends or family, and celebrating your faith. Everyone’s life seems so perfect and happy, but you are not happy.

Instead you feel the holiday blues.

Maybe you’re single and you don’t want to be. Or you’re stressing out because you have zero funds for Christmas expenses. Plus, the holidays can be a time you look back at the last year, and all you can think is, “WTF is going on with my life!!!!” Again, a little real talk.

Here’s two simple ways to tackle the holiday blues.

1. Tackle the Holiday Blues by Giving

If you aren’t feeling so hot, make others feel like they’re the by giving of your time, energy, and heart. Giving isn’t just about forking over the cash to your favorite non-profit. Although, I’m a big advocate of giving financially. You can give, by smiling at the homeless person on the corner and acknowledging their person hood. They exist, and they matter.

Give by caring about what is going on in other people’s life.

Instead of greeting the person in line at the grocery store by saying, “how are you?” My new favorite way to give is to ask the question, “what’s going on in your life right now?”

And listen with deep care, concern, and genuine curiosity.

You’d be amazed at the difference in responses you get. Instead of, “I’m doing good.” You’ll get, “Oh my gosh, I’m so stressed. I’m moving this holiday, it falls on my birthday, so I can’t celebrate either and I’m sooo freaking out!”

When you turn the attention off how much your life isn’t going as planned, you can get the warm fuzzies when you give emotionally to others.

2. Tackle the Holiday Blues by Creating

Creating what, you ask? That my friend, is whatever in the world you want to. Create by journaling your soul away. I find writing is a stress reliever and a reality check into what exactly it is that is bothering you and what it is that your heart is desiring. There’s the power in writing things out.

You can also create by making an amazing costume to wear to a holiday party or bake cookies to be the office hero. For Thanksgiving, I didn’t want to just attend, I wanted to show up and be a part of the festivity. I made the turkey! Can we say, #adulting. 

When you create something, you get energy.

Try out adult coloring books or bake some cookies. 

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I hope that you find hope this holiday season and prepare for a new fresh year ahead.

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